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Can a monthly bill organizer save you from late fees? Can it get your finances *finally* organized? Try this free printable monthly bill organizer and find out.

Sometimes a simple piece of paper can change everything.

You use a scrap piece of paper to get that cutie’s phone number.  (Do people still do that?  I haven’t dated since high school.)

You could scribble lines that will lead into a masterpiece of music or literature onto a napkin.

Or, if you want to change your financial life, you might use that paper to work on your whole money situation. 

Something as simple as a monthly bill organizer can be just what you need to pull your financial life into shape.

It sounds silly, but this one piece of paper can make all the difference in your life.

The Free Monthly Bill Organizer That Will Line Up Your Cash

The Monthly Bill Organizer That Will Get It All Together

End Late Fees

The first thing you’ll notice about this monthly bill organizer is that you can see at a glance exactly when your bills are due.

I bet we all know how easy it is to let random bills slip through the cracks!

Write your bills out in the order they are due each month.  (Getting everything in one place can be very eye opening.)

Make Adjustments

Do your bills tend to all be due at once?  Or maybe they are spread everywhere, and that makes them harder to track.

Moving your due dates can help clear up those problems.

Most companies will work with you to change due dates to something that meets your life in a better way.

(No, they won’t let you change your due date to the one-teenth of March-tember.  You have to be realistic and work with them!)

Decide what works best with your paychecks.  Some people like to have all of their bills due on the same day.

I prefer to have bills with due dates at two different times of the month.  We are paid biweekly, (grab your copy of the bi-weekly budget template) which doesn’t exactly work out to twice per month.

But it works well enough that I can arrange each paycheck to fit one stack of bills.

Learn how we break our paycheck into pieces to help us stay on top of everything.

Learn why you need a monthly bill organizer. This free printable bill tracker will save you tons in late fees and help you remember to negotiate a lower rate. #personalfinance

Limbo Now!

Now that you have everything in one place, and the dates look right to you, look over the numbers.

Are your bills too high?  Do some numbers pop out at you as a little extreme?

Learn how to negotiate better rates.

You can also consider selling things or cancelling subscriptions to things you no longer use.

Monthly Bill Organizer Printable

Ok, enough chat about how the printable works.  Let’s get started!  Print it out, and make sure you don’t miss any of your important bills.

To print the monthly bill organizer, simply click the photo below.  This will open the PDF and you can print it right away.

Monthly Bill Organizer Printable

Want More?

I also created three more printable bill organizers.  You can get a master bill organizer, an organizer for irregular bills, and (the one close to my heart!) an organizer to help you get your debt in order so you can CRUSH it.

It’s totally FREE, but it’s only for my MVPs.  Join the nearly 3,000 subscribers today, and you’ll get a ton of free tools designed to help you get out of debt and put your money life in order.

Sign up here:

How do you keep your bills organized?