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Being a SAHM isn’t for the weak! But with this stay at home mom schedule, you’ll have fewer of those runaway horse moments and more time to actually think.

A while ago, I told a friend that every day I feel like I am waking up on a horse that is already off and running.  And no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to grasp the reigns.

Waking up to chaos every morning is no way to live.  When you have an infant or toddler who doesn’t sleep well, living life any other way seems impossible!

But there’s hope.  Even a few small changes in your stay at home mom schedule can make a big difference.  Let’s talk about some tweaks you can make that will help you have better days.

The Stay at Home Mom Schedule

Stay at home mom schedule for cleaning and activities with tips you can use to survive long days with the kids. Find motivation and organization with a routine that will help you with the kids whether they're toddlers or teens.

It’s a Typical School Morning…

After prying your eyes open (or, more likely, having your eyes pried open by someone else’s chubby fingers), you’re finally able to pull yourself out of bed.

It was another looong night of trying to sleep in between cries for Mama, nightmares about Blake Shelton stealing your baby for a new TV show (note to self…find a more soothing bedtime drink choice), and having to get up to pee three times.

As a reward for putting both feet on the ground, you head to the kitchen for some coffee.

Except–oops–you forgot to set up the pot the night before.  Now you have to make coffee before drinking coffee.

So you measure out the coffee grinds, but accidentally turn on the pot before adding water because you heard the baby cry.

The kids are up and headed down the steps.  Hey, they got themselves up!  But the 10-year-old has no clean pants to wear.  And the middle schooler did his homework… but he left it on the counter and already left.

The 1-year-old has a dirty diaper, and now you realize you can’t change him and get to school on time.

Sound like a typical morning?  That was mine, too!

Then Help Came…

One tool that helped me improve my mornings was the Make Over Your Mornings course.  I wasn’t sure I would like it, because I am NOT a morning person. (Understatement of the year??)

But this course isn’t about learning how to get up at 5:00 a.m.  It’s about choosing the best way to start your morning right so your head doesn’t fill with regret when you lay down at night.

It was the change I needed in my stay at home life to get my routine in a much better place, and I think you’ll get so much out of it, too!

Here are some other changes that will make your day run more smoothly…

The Night Before Routine

The best way to make sure your morning runs smoothly is to plan it out before your head ever hits the pillow.  Put together a checklist of things your family needs every day.

It might looks something like this:

Before bath time kids must…

  • All kids complete homework, have it checked by a parent, and put INSIDE their backpacks.
  • Pack a lunch (most kids can do at least part of this themselves).
  • Clothes for the morning are laid out.

Meanwhile, Mom and Dad can…

  • Load and run the dishwasher.
  • Start laundry for tomorrow.
  • Set up the coffee pot so you can enjoy coffee without having to make it before coffee.

The Stay At Home Mom Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is a life saver.  If everyone knows which things need to happen before a trigger, you have a better chance at success.

What’s a trigger?  This is something you know no one will forget to do!  For us, food is always a trigger.  Something like, “Don’t forget!  No breakfast until you have clothes on down to shoes.”  Or “No TV until everyone has their lunch and backpacks packed and ready to go.”

The plan for the kids each morning might look like this:

live in the moment

Meanwhile, I do these 4 things:

  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Change out laundry (I need to do 3 loads per day to keep it going smoothly)
  • Make the bed (it looks much nicer and is my space for folding laundry)
  • Plan supper

I have found that if I only do these 4 things in the morning and nothing else (aside from monitoring kid activities, of course), the house will still run pretty smoothly.  Of course, there’s plenty of other things that must be done!

But on those days where everything is just crazy… if I can only do these 4 things, we will be fine.

If you’re struggling to imagine what the right mix of activities is right for your family, Makeover Your Mornings can help you create the perfect schedule for your own situation!

Stay at Home Mom Schedule Template

Here’s a template you can print out to help you work out your own stay at home mom schedule!  Fill in the blanks with the things that need to be done the most in your own home.

Be sure to add some stress relief.  That might look like prayer time, exercise, reading, a Bible verse, or whatever makes an impact in your life.

Get access to your own stay at home mom schedule template PDF below!

A few tweaks will make your stay at home mom schedule run better than ever!

I guarantee your coffee will taste better if you start these smart strategies!  (Because this time, you’ll remember to add the water…)

And if you still aren’t sure about the Makeover Your Mornings course, you can try out day one for free!!  Just scroll to the bottom of this page to learn more.

Let’s tackle that mom life a little more!  Check out these 20 Quick Hacks for Raising Large Families That Will Make Life Simple.

The ordinary arts we practice at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.

What’s the most important part of your day?


Stay at home mom schedule with daily routines for finding your motivation and organization. Here's your survival guide!