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This easy to use free grocery list template is just what you need to simplify grocery shopping. Get your life back, but still save money.

I stood at the pantry door and sighed in frustration.  

After just making a trip to the grocery store, I should have everything I need!


Who wants to come home from a tedious two hours of dragging a cart through a grocery store (the size of two football fields) only to find that they forgot a pretty important ingredient for tomorrow night’s meal?

Not me.

And not you.

So how do we avoid this want-to-throw-something feeling next time?

The fix is a grocery list template.  Here’s how it works.

Why A Grocery List Template Will Save Your Hair

Looking for the perfect grocery list? The one that makes grocery shopping on a budget into less of a pain? This family grocery shopping list will save you some of those endangered mom brain cells!

We Moms have about 1,000 things on our plate in any given day.

And literally putting food on plates is at least half of those problems.

(Maybe it just feels that way.  But I think that’s close to accurate.)

And sometimes it feels like we just cannot remember one.more.thing.  Like we are going to pull our hair out if we have one more thing dumped on our poor, tired brains.

That’s where a grocery list template can be your best friend.  Because it will help you create a magic thing I like to call the master grocery list.

What Is A Master Grocery List?

I’m willing to bet that like me, you’re a creatures of habit.  For example, you probably tend to buy at least some of the same foods week after week.

Think about the grocery store whenever a big storm is predicted.

You’d walk in to find that people cleared the shelves of milk, bread, and eggs, right?

(Do you ever wonder if storms give people a craving for French Toast?  Just me?)


Why do you suppose people buy those items?  It’s because those are foods they use regularly, and they don’t want to run out and have to go grab more in the middle of bad weather.

Think about the foods your family expects to have on hand most of the time.

What are your family’s favorite foods?  Regular eating habits?

What are the things you buy every single time you go to the grocery store?  The moment your starving teen walks through the door and drops his bag, what is he headed to the kitchen to grab?

When you open the fridge in the morning, what are you reaching for?

(If it’s coffee creamer, then you and I are probably soul mates.)

Those items are the things you should be putting on your master grocery list.

What Are Common Grocery Items?

No two families are alike, so your common items might look different than mine.

But, yes, there are some things that are common for a lot of us.

Like we talked about earlier… milk, eggs, and bread seem to be pretty basic grocery items for most families.

Try some of these cheap foods you can buy.

These produce items are popular:

  • carrots
  • apples
  • potatoes
  • bananas

Bakery Items:

  • bread
  • bagels
  • buns

Canned or boxed goods:

  • soups
  • pasta
  • salsa
  • rice 
  • beans
  • mac & cheese


  • ketchup
  • peanut butter 
  • jelly


  • ground beef
  • chicken


  • tortilla chips
  • trail mix
  • nuts
  • popcorn


  • coffee
  • tea
  • bottles of water
  • sports drinks


  • cereal
  • oatmeal
  • breakfast bars

Frozen Foods

  • pizza
  • frozen meats
  • waffles


  • diapers
  • wipes
  • formula


  • milk
  • eggs (I don’t know why these are in the dairy aisle, but they are.)
  • cheese
  • sour cream

Paper Products

  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • tissues

What Should Be Included In A Grocery List?

The easy answer is…everything you need from the store.

But how do you make sure you don’t forget anything?

Well, I recommend you grab a copy of this easy grocery shopping list template.  (More on that below.)

What’s so great about this template?

Well, imagine that Sunday rolls around and it’s time for you to sit down and write out your shopping list.

The kids are begging you to play a board game (because you prooooomised you’d play!).  And you already had about 20 other things to do today anyway.

So you put down your pen and go play with the kids. You’ll get back to the list after they go to bed.

Except that by the time you convince the last child that they’ve had enough water and it’s time to go to sleep, you are too exhausted to make a good list.

But the pantry is getting bare.  Making that grocery list is optional, but grocery shopping isn’t.

And now here you are, searching the pantry for that one ingredient you need for dinner…and it’s no where to be found.

By using this template, you’ll save time and energy on that grocery shopping list.

Because the first time you open it, you’re going to write (or type) in the things that you always buy when you go to the store.

For me, if it doesn’t make the list, there’s a good chance I’ll forget it.

Yes, I’ve forgotten milk…even though I buy 2 or 3 gallons every single time I walk into a grocery store.

(Mom brain.)

So give your poor overworked mom brain a break.

Take a minute now to grab this free download. 

You can print it if you like.  Or you can type right into the pdf.  (No special downloads necessary!)  Easy peasy.

Type in those things you know you need, like 90% of the time when you go to the grocery store.

And save it.

Now imagine next Sunday. 

You pull out the old grocery list template, add a few things that you’ll need for this week’s meals (the categories make it easy to brainstorm), and you’ll be done before the kids can get out their second or third beg.  😉

This grocery list template will save you a ton of time.

Imagine coming home from that long day of dragging around a grocery cart, knowing that you are all set.  No need to walk back into the store again (until next week).

What foods are you going to add to your list first?



Have stay at home mom stress? Want to save money without working so hard? This simple easy grocery shopping list template takes less time to do.

Want a grocery list on a budget that can help you with meal planning? This free fillable grocery shopping template means your shopping list is halfway done every time.