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Winter is drab.  We don’t have to dig into the cold weather for long before I start wishing for living plants.  I’ll sometimes treat myself to discount flowers while I’m at the grocery store just to lift our spirits for a few days.

But then I realized that I could lift my spirits while trying to make a buck.  And that’s even better!  Especially when you’re taking part in the Secure Your Savings and Find Peace in the New Year challenge.

Today’s post is a simple way to earn a few bucks.  If you have a green thumb, this is going to be a cakewalk.  If not, no worries.  This plan is pretty foolproof.

How to Use Your Green Thumb to Grow Green in Your Wallet

Use a Green Thumb to Grow an Extra Green Wallet. You can make money gardening even if you don't consider yourself a gardener. Simple way to make a few bucks...and don't worry. Your customers will love it, too!

Some simple supplies will get this project up and running.   You might have them on hand.  In case you don’t, I went searching to see how much this would cost.

Use a Green Thumb to Grow an Extra Green Wallet

You’ll need:

  • soil
  • cups
  • seeds
  • water

Fair warning, it’s tough to find soil in January.  I was able to find a slightly expensive bag of potting soil at Walmart for $4.  If you wait a bit, you should be able to find it for closer to $2.  On the other hand, if you wait too long you’ll have more competition.  Plus you might forget to do it.

I found a bag of plastic cups for $2.  The seeds were 25 cents each at my local dollar store.

If I sell these plants for $1 each, I’ll need to sell 7 to break even.  And 24 to make my $17 (that’s $500 broken into 30 days).

Choose Your Seeds

I wanted to plant basil and oregano.  I wasn’t able to find those seeds.  But I did find cilantro and parsley.  The nice thing about herbs is that they can live in a kitchen window.  Plus they’re smaller plants.  Less fussy than tomatoes or peppers.

Choose seeds that are likely to be hits in your area.  Or things you know your own family would enjoy.  Chances are that others enjoy those same plants.

Plant Them

You’ll want to label the cups so you know what should be growing there.  I used a simple P for parsley and C for cilantro.  You could print pretty labels if you want, but be sure it costs little to nothing.

Cut a slit in the bottom of the cups.  I used a knife, but a nail would work.  Or a sharp pencil if you’re using paper cups.

Use a Green Thumb to Grow an Extra Green Wallet

Fill them with potting soil.  Plant the seeds as directed on the packet.  Be sure to give them plenty of water.

Use a Green Thumb to Grow an Extra Green Wallet

I kept everything in a box for less mess.  Try to find a window ledge to let them grow.  I find that watering them at a specific time each day makes it easier to remember. Tie it to something like loading the dishwasher.

Market Them

Once your seeds have grown to a nice size, you’re ready to sell them.  One easy way to do that is to leave them on a table at work.  Many people will jump at the chance to grab a plant for just $1.

You can also sell to friends and family.  Mention it on Facebook and see how much interest you get.  Advertise it in a local Facebook yard sale group.  If you can meet several people at once in a local parking lot, it might be worth your time.

Use a Green Thumb to Grow an Extra Green WalletTake These Steps:

  1. Look around your home for any cups of the right size.  (Mine were 9 oz, but a bit bigger or smaller would work fine.)  Bonus points if you already have soil and/or seeds.
  2. Shop for any items you need.  Be sure to get the lowest possible price.
  3. Plant your seeds and care for them.
  4. Market and sell for $1 each (depending on your start up costs).

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this small project can turn an easy profit.

Brighten up the drab days of winter with some fresh herbs!

Do you enjoy gardening?

Secure Your Savings: Use a Green Thumb to Grow an Extra Green Wallet
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Secure Your Savings: Use a Green Thumb to Grow an Extra Green Wallet
One simple way to make money from home is by growing herbs. Here's how to make money from a simple 15 minute project at home.
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