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What’s it like shopping at Sam’s? This mom of 6 kids made a trip to see which bargains were great, and which prices just stink.

This year for Christmas, I unwrapped a membership to Sam’s Club.

I haven’t been a member there for a decade, and in that time I’ve become pretty selective about the way I shop. So I was pretty excited to get the chance to try out Sam’s for free…

…but I also wasn’t quite sure how it would fit into my usual shopping routine.

When you’re buying food for a family of 8, you have to be picky.  Much as the grocery stores would like it, I’m not too keen on just handing them my husband’s paycheck every other week.

So I asked a friend to watch the baby so I could spend some time in the Club.  (That’s what the cool kids call it.  bahaha!  

After spending a good hour or two there, this is what I found.

The Best Deals You Can Find at Sam’s Club

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By the way, if you weren’t lucky enough to get the gift of a membership, that’s ok.  They’re running a deal right now where you buy the membership for $45…but then you can get all $45 back by making qualifying purchases.

Which is a pretty good deal!  But it doesn’t last super long.  (Last year I missed out because I “thought about it” for too long and then got distracted by having a baby. You know how that goes.)

Let me begin by saying that for the most part, I know my grocery prices.

It’s taken a lot of time to develop, but I have a specific way of shopping for groceries so I know I’m always getting the best deals.

You can learn more about that grocery shopping system here.

That said, I did discover that there are a few things I don’t know the best prices of (like Lipton tea for example…one of the few things I buy brand name every time). 

So I took pictures of those items with their prices so I can compare when I go to my usual stores (Kroger, Aldi, and sometimes Meijer).

Apples and Oranges

Comparing them, I mean.  Not buying the fruit.

(Although I did find good deals on fruit…)

You’ll want to know what a good unit price or price per ounce is for you.  You probably know that the things you buy at Sam’s Club are mostly sold in bulk.

That makes it hard to know if you’re getting a deal without doing a little math.

Sometimes it’s easier than others.

I was very happy to see that Sam’s displayed the price per unit or price per ounce right on just about every sign.  And it wasn’t in fine print or hard to read.

Instant Savings

Instead of sales, Sam’s seems to have what they call “Instant Savings”.  Some of the things I bought were even cheaper than normal. 

It’s hard to say if they’d be a good enough deal to buy if I find that they aren’t on sale next time.  And I don’t know their “sales cycle” yet to know how often these bargains can be had.

Grocery List

By the way, all of these bargains are for sure going on my grocery list template.  All I have to do is print it off next time and I won’t even have to slave over a shopping list!

Get your own copy here:

Toilet Paper

Of course we’re going to start with the cliche.  

I’m not really sure why we all want to buy toilet paper in bulk, but it’s the first thing you think of when you walk into a big bulk membership club.

I was skeptical, but it turns out that the price was good.

We are a little snobby on toilet paper.  I typically buy the Kroger brand that imitates Charmin Strong.  It’s almost always $9.99 for 373 sq feet.  Which makes it .026 cents per sq foot.

At Sam’s I found a huge pack of Quilted Northern…915 sq feet.  It was $19.98.

That made it .021 per sq foot.  That’s a decent savings.

Another way to look at it is that the huge pack I bought at Sam’s was basically 2.5 packs of the $9.99 size I typically buy.  But it cost only double the price I normally pay.  Which is kind of like getting half a pack of TP free compared to what I normally spend.

Is that clear as mud??


My target price for cereal is 16 cents per ounce.

For a while I tried to pay $2 per box, but there are about a million different sizes of boxes.  So that never worked out right.

Knowing that price per ounce made it easy to see that a lot of the cereal at Sam’s Club was a bargain.

Our 6 year old loooooves Honey Nut Cheerios, so I grabbed a big double box of that at 14.6 cents an ounce.

As usual, the super sugary stuff was even cheaper, but a) the kids will eat 6 boxes of that stuff in one sitting if I’m not paying attention and b) yes I feed my kids cereal for breakfast sometimes, but I still have standards.

Luckily, I found quite a few cereals below my 16 cents an ounce price point that meets my other criteria of being under 9 grams of sugar.

For someone who doesn’t love math, I sure have a lot of numbers memorized.


I had heard good things about the meat at Sam’s, and I did find a few deals.

First of all, make sure you get a rotisserie chicken.  That was something everyone on Facebook told me was a must.

You get a big bird for $4.98, which is a pretty good price (especially since it’s already cooked).  Oh, and everyone was right…it was delicious.

Chicken Breast

The fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast was $1.99…which is the same price I find it every week at Kroger.

BUT, the frozen boneless skinless chicken breast was $1.70 per pound.  So I bought a big bag of that.  


They had a long roll of Bob Evans sausage for $2.48 per pound, regular price.  I can’t always find it at that price lately, so I grabbed that.

Pork Chops

I found pork loin chips for $1.99 per pound.  That’s a pretty ok price around here for pork.

Frozen Foods

I actually found some good deals in the frozen foods section.

One of my main goals when I shop frozen foods is to keep my husband from eating out every day at work.  So when I find a good deal, or something a little different, I snatch it up.

They had chicken sandwiches that look to me like copycat Chick Fil A.  They worked out to $1.60 each.  (Waaay cheaper than, oh, the enticing food trucks outside the office.)

Hot Pockets were on an awesome sale. 

Usually I can get a big box of 12 for $9.99.  But at Sam’s I found a box of 17 for $10.68!  That was the “Instant Savings” price, but even if they had been full price ($2 more) it would still have been a good deal.

(My teenage boys love those things.)


The produce looked great!  I got bags of apples and pears for $1.50 per pound.

A bag filled with orange and yellow bell peppers at $1 per pepper was a good deal.  (We love them!)

I didn’t buy anything else this time, but will definitely be checking this out more in depth next time.

Shredded Cheese

I suspect my family goes through a loooot more shredded cheese than the average American family.

I’m not really sure why (though I suspect our nacho habit has something to do with it).

Either way, I did have a little trouble doing the math on cheese.  But now that I’ve had a chance to look at it, I can confidently say that the cheese there is a good deal.

On a good sale, I can buy shredded cheese at Kroger for $1.88 for 8 oz.

At Sam’s, they had 5 pounds for $13.68 (no sale).

So I saved $5 by grabbing a big bag.  I can just portion it into smaller freezer bags if I want to.

Chips and Snacks

One thing I really liked was the selection of snacks.  It seemed like they had things I hadn’t seen in my regular grocery stores lately.

They had a couple of bags of chips at a great price, so I got those.

A huge jar of whole kosher dill pickles was just $4.18!

Buying prepackaged snacks isn’t usually a deal, but we drew the next basketball game for treats.  So it was nice to get a big box of individual packages of Combos for $8.

Then there was the box of Zingers I couldn’t pass up.  I haven’t seen them in forever!  (Maybe because I usually avoid eye contact with the junk food at my normal stores…couldn’t do that when I was trying a new place!)

I also brought home a huge container of animal crackers for $6.12.


A pack of 48 AA batteries was $21.98.  There’s a bargain at 46 cents each.  Usually I’m happy to get them for 62 cents!


You would think that we’d buy cheap diapers for baby number 6… but you’d be wrong. (Sorry!)

I got so tired of doing tons of extra laundry when we had blowout after blowout.  

So I was excited to find an amazing deal on brand name diapers there!

BUT, I might be able to do better by playing the CVS game where you get Extra Care Bucks for buying diapers.  So stay tuned on this one.


Country Time lemonade powder can be expensive.  But a big 82.5 oz container was $6.98.  I grabbed that.

The big jar of Chi Chis salsa was probably an average price, but I got it.

A 3 piece Carters outfit for the baby was $10.98.

Gain detergent was $14.98 for 200 oz including the extra $3 off sale price.  That’s way better than the $10.99 for 100 oz I usually get!

And, yes, I splurged on a premixed bottle of strawberry margaritas that I enjoy from time to time. 😉  It was cheaper there by a couple of bucks.

I Missed Out 🙁

Here are the things I passed on, but later learned that they were a good deal.  Next time, I’ll get them for sure.

Popcorn…30 microwave bags for $6.48.  This was a sale price, but even at regular price of $7.98 it would have been a good deal.

Syrup was $5.99 for two giant bottles.  4.7 cents per oz beat the Aldi price handily.

Lipton Tea…I was especially curious about this one.  It was a deal, with 312 bags for $9.48 regular price.  (Next time, Gadget!)

Vegetable oil was another good bargain that I’ll grab on my next trip.

No Thanks

Here’s a couple of things I skipped because wasn’t sure about…after a little research I learned that I was smart to skip them.

Trail Mix seemed like a good price at 20.3 cents per oz…but I got it for less than half that at Aldi.  (A good protein snack that fills up my teen boys.)

Butter was $2.56 per pound…but this is literally a solid pound of butter.  (Not 4 sticks.)  You can get it in 4 sticks for $2.62 per pound.  Not bad, but about the same as Aldi.

Sugar was also cheaper at Aldi.

Ditto ranch seasoning.

There’s the ins and outs of my first Sam’s Club trip in a long time.

I’m so glad that I got this gift.  I think I’ll be able to save a lot using it this year.  And I’ll be able to tweak my grocery shopping method for even bigger savings than usual!

Did I miss a great bargain?  Let me know about it in the comments so I can look it up on my next trip!  (You’re awesome!)

Shopping At Sam's Club - How To Find the Deals
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Shopping At Sam's Club - How To Find the Deals
What's it like shopping at Sam's? This mom of 6 kids made a trip to see which bargains were great, and which prices just stink.
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