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Too hot to cook? No problem! These meals will fill you up without adding to the heat. These recipes are what summer is supposed to taste like!

It’s hot as the blazes outside, but you know good and well that your family is still going to want to eat.

That doesn’t mean you’re in the mood for heating up the kitchen.  And that’s ok!

Because here you’ll find a long list of yummy recipes to try when it’s just too hot to cook.

Whether you want a cold dish to serve or something seasonally delicious that didn’t cause you to turn on the oven…you’ll find all types of recipes on this no-need-to-think-about-it list!

Delicious Meal Ideas for When It’s Too Hot To Cook

These recipes are a hit when it comes to getting something on the table on the hottest of days.

But if you’re looking for a more permanent solution to the every single day problem of “What’s for supper??”, you’ll DEFINITELY want to look into the $5 Meal Plan.

(Don’t worry. I double checked, and she is still selling these meal plans for just 5 bucks, even in this economy! You can barely get a Happy Meal for that price these days!)

Wouldn’t it be so nice to have someone else plan your meals for you while you float in the pool a little longer?

Too hot to cook meals that are perfect summer recipes!
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Yummy Salad Variations

Why not kick things off with an amazing macaroni salad recipe?

Macaroni Salad

This Easy Summer Watermelon Salad is the perfect combination of sweet and salty!

Easy Cucumber Salad with Dill and Red Onions … so refreshing on a hot day!

Bacon Cheeseburger Salad  (This’ll convince the meat lover in the house to embrace a salad!)

Bacon Cheeseburger Salad

Strawberry Spinach Salad  Almost too pretty to eat!

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Black Bean Avocado Salad  For those days you find your salad too wilted to eat.  (Sad trombone!)

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Taco Salad with Fritos  Not gonna lie…I’ve been craving this since I first laid eyes on it!

Taco Salad

Moroccan Raw Carrot Salad  Here’s a fun new way to serve your rabbit food!

Moroccan Raw Carrot Salad

White Bean Cherry Tomato Basil Salad  For those nights you want something a little heartier than lettuce.

5 Minute Southwest BLT Chicken Salad  A yummy, filling salad!

Southwest BLT Chicken Salad

Get more recipes with these large family dinner ideas!!

Produce With A Twist

Not quite a salad, but you’ll get those super foods in for the day!

Rustic Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes  This one will take you back to your childhood!

Rustic Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes

Avocado Tuna Salad  Happily, you can find avocados at a great price this time of year!

Texas Caviar With Avocado  This stuff is just plain addicting!

Texas Caviar with Avocado

Easy Spinach Artichoke Dip  Tons of flavor in this recipe!

Easy Strawberry Soup  How’s that for a conversation starter?  Everyone will love this!

Use Your Small Appliances!

Instant Pot Pinto Beans  Beans seem so fussy.  But the instant pot makes this a simple recipe!

Instant Pot Pinto Beans

Crock Pot Sausage and Peppers  How do you get so much deliciousness from just a couple of ingredients??

Grilled Summer Vegetable Quesadillas  (Get a quesadilla maker like this and the kids can make their own!!)

Grilled Summer Vegetable Quesadillas

Slow Cooker Pineapple Pepper Carnitas Tacos  If you think the name of this recipe is a mouthful, just wait until you sink your teeth into one!

Slow Cooker Pineapple Pepper Carnitas Tacos

Crock Pot BBQ Ribs  The bib might add a layer, but it’s soooo worth it!

Crock pot BBQ Ribs

Crock Pot Ranch Chicken Sliders  Sliders are the perfect size for when you just aren’t sure how much you can eat in the heat.  (But we both know you’ll go back for more!)

Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork  You had me at Dr. Pepper!

Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

Yummy No Cook Ideas

No Cook Cilantro Lime Crab Tacos  Adding crab to a recipe will take you to the beach every time.

No Cook Cilantro Lime Crab Tacos

Ultimate Southern Pimento Cheese  If you have self control around this dish, please teach me your secrets!

Ultimate Southern Pimento Cheese

Cool Desserts

Do NOT miss this whole list of the very best mouth watering summer desserts for a crowd.

Kool Aid Pie  What could be a better end to your meal than a chilled pie?

Kool Aid Pie

Fruit Salad Trifle  The perfect light dish when it’s too hot to even eat!

Fruit Salad Trifle

Which recipe will you serve the next time it’s too hot to cook?

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Looking for more ideas?

Try 23 of the perfect grill foods for a crowd.

The 10 best summer potluck recipes.

Finish with these refreshing summer desserts that are perfect for hot days.

What’s your go to recipe for hot summer days?

These too hot to cook dinners are the best recipes for hot days. Don't want to use your oven? These healthy no cook recipes will hit the spot. Dinner when it's hot.  What to cook when it's too hot.
These 25 meals for hot days are the perfect way to cool off. The best recipes for cold meals. Yummy ideas for dinner on hot days. Good supper foods for hot days. Supper recipes for cold meals. What to make when it's too hot to cook. What to eat when it's too hot to cook. Food ideas for hot days.
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