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It’s a fresh new year!  I just love a new start.  I embrace New Year’s Resolutions completely.  (I’ll be posting mine soon.  Maybe a little late, but better late than never…right?)  The fresh start of a new week with new goals is fun, but a whole new year feels just wonderful to me.

Not everyone agrees with me.  Some of you probably think the new year is bunk and just another day.  That’s fine, too!  Whatever way you find the motivation to do the things you really want to do with your life, find that motivation and hang on to it.

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Work the Plan-Goals for the Week

Let’s see how we did with last week’s goals, first.

Home/Barn Goals

  • Reclaim our home from the mess!
  • Begin to pull together a goat kid birthing kit  You may delay, but time will not.

Money/Frugal Goals

  • Make returns immediately
  • Pull together goals for 2016 (I’ll be blogging about this in the near future!)
  • Earn 250 Swagbucks  (not quite!)

Family Goals

  • Celebrate a birthday
  • Spend time with friends and family

Blog Goals

  • Map out a plan for a month’s worth of posts
  • Put together a vision for the blog in 2016

Personal Goals

  • Continue daily Bible readings
  • Read 3 chapters of my book 

My goals for this week are the baby steps I’ll need to take to make it to my goals for the year.


  • Complete my baby goat birthin’ kit  You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do
  • Declutter bathroom cabinet

Money/Frugal Goals

Family Goals

  • Play a game together
  • Read to the little ones daily (I mostly do this, but lately it’s slipped to the side.)

Blog Goals

  • Write one week’s worth of content pieces in advance
  • Increase Twitter followers to 700

Personal Goals

  • Daily Bible readings (Since I’m using an app that I can easily read or listen to podcasts when I find minutes in the day, this has been easier to keep up with!)
  • Read 3 chapters of Better Than Before

I’m going to have to be intentional about how I’m spending my time to accomplish all of these things.  Luckily I got a new planner for Christmas that I am excited to use!  I’m hoping it will help me to use my time more wisely.

How will you spend your week?  Tell us your goals, or leave a link if you’ve blogged about them.