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Hello lovely readers!

I really love the community we are building here!  I hope that you find this blog entertaining and encouraging.  Because you guys definitely encourage me every single day.

Today I’d really like to pick your brain.  Whether you read Medium Sized Family on a regular basis or if this is your first time visiting, I’d really love to learn more about you.  I really want this blog to be the most helpful resource it can be, and your answers will help me to help you better.

Help me improve Medium Sized Family


So would you pretty please take this 4 question survey?  It’s pretty simple and straightforward.  (I promise that there are no questions about train speed ratios or “is to” analogies.)

Simple 4 Question Survey

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If you’re having trouble taking the survey here, you can click over to this link instead.

If you have noticed any problems or aggravations about the blog, please let me know that, too.  Constructive criticism is great!  If the problem is that you can’t comment here, you can send me a message on Twitter or leave a note on my Facebook wall.

Thank you so much!!

While you’re answering easy questions, I’ve started up a once a week email subscription.  This subscription will give you extra tips and ideas that  you won’t find here on the blog.  Subscribers will also be the first to know about new things as they come along!

Or if you prefer, you can get a once per week RSS feed of my blog posts for that week.

What you won’t get is spam.  Promise!

Thanks so much!  You guys rock.

If there is anything else you’d like to see more or less of on the blog, be sure to let me know!  Leave a comment or email me at mediumsizedfamily at gmail dot com.