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This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

A few weeks before his third birthday, our fifth baby decided that he was suddenly potty trained.  Within three days he was fully trained.  Don’t ask me what I did to win that lottery, but I feel like I paid into it with previous babies that were tougher to train.  So it evened out!

Our diaper buying days are behind us (for now, at least).  But I’ll tell you one thing we’ll continue to buy…wipes.  We use wipes constantly.  They really are a mom’s best friend.  What did moms do before them?  Yeah, I know… they made do.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to.

Frugal as I am, I will use rags for a lot of things.  But there are many ways that you just can’t beat a wipe for convenience and ease of use.

Here Are 3 Reasons You Need WaterWipes

3 Solid Reasons You Need WaterWipes in Your Life, Plus a Giveaway! Get a $100 Walmart card

Less Sensitive Skin Worry

I only recently learned about WaterWipes, but I wish I’d known about them before.  Several of my children suffer from eczema, and finding quality products that don’t break out their skin is difficult.  That’s why I was so happy to see this little stamp on the pack.

WaterWipes approved for eczema

WaterWipes are perfect for your little one’s sensitive skin.  They are chemical free.  The ingredient’s in the name.  They’re made from 99% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.

That means when I use this on their skin, whether it’s to wipe up a potty accident or clean up messy hands and faces, I don’t have to worry about subjecting them to chemicals.

When I opened a pack of WaterWipes, the first thing I noticed was just a hint of a fresh scent.  They don’t have the sometimes overwhelming air of traditional wipes.  Since they have no additives, it’s good to get a fresh smelling clean without worry of additives.

Let the Kids Help!


My kids enjoy “helping” me clean, and boy do I love letting them help!  I can hand them a wipe and let them go about cleaning up their toys.

The wipes are super durable and hold up to the task of quick cleaning jobs.

On the Go Messes

With five active kids, we are always on the go.  I never leave home without a pack of wipes.  When we have to snack on our way to the next game, it’s so easy to pass each child a wipe and ask them to clean up before leaving the van.

Not to mention cleaning up spills and messy hands and faces from eating on the go.


Where Can I Find WaterWipes?

You can buy WaterWipes at Walmart.com and pick them up at a store convenient to you.  Such a convenient way to shop,especially with kids in tow!  Go here to find a retailer near you.

You can also learn more about WaterWipes on their Facebook page.  Also, check out their Twitter feed.

The Giveaway

You know how much I love a good giveaway.  That’s why I’m excited to announce this $100 Walmart gift card giveaway.  That’ll cover some Christmas gifts!  (Or a big stack of wipes.)

Giveaway runs November 14 thru December 9, 2016.

You can win one of five $100 Walmart gift cards!

  • I-C will randomly select winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the winning prizes (5 winners).

WaterWipes Walmart Giveaway

Check out WaterWipes, and have peace of mind knowing you’re using the most natural ingredients with your children.

What’s your favorite way to use wipes?