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When was the last time you considered the way you meal plan?  I have used so many different methods over the years.  I have not meal planned at all (which just turns it into a daily chore or worse, causes you to blow money on fast food!).  I have meal planned an entire month at a time.  I’ve done weekly.

But at this point, I’m finding that the 2 week meal plan gives me the most bang for my time.

If you haven’t given it much thought, you might want to consider which method would work best with your life right now.  The less often you have to plan and shop, the better.

Here’s my meal plan, which isn’t assigned to any particular day.  Each day I’ll choose what sounds doable and is a good match for that particular day.

The kids are on spring break this week, which makes some of the planning much easier.  They can eat a pot of mac & cheese for lunch (and my 12 year old can make that on his own!).

I try to have a few meatless (or less meat) nights per week to save money.  If you need thoughts for convincing the family to get on board, or additional recipe ideas to help you go meatless, find that here.

2 Week Meal Plan for Early April. Get frugal ideas for all meals and snacks. Includes recipes!


Our 2 Week Meal Plan


  • cereal
  • toast
  • leftovers from our Easter Brunch
  • pancakes
  • french toast


  • sandwiches  (PB&J, Nutella, PB&honey, lunchmeat, apple butter)
  • quesadillas
  • grilled cheese
  • mac & cheese
  • leftovers
  • muffins
  • salads
  • hard boiled eggs

Supper  (with sides of potatoes, rice, noodles, and fresh cut veggies)

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Our snacks and extras include

  • fresh fruit
  • cookies
  • popcorn
  • soft pretzels
  • custard pie

Those are the meals we love and the new ones we can’t wait to try this week!

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Do you meal plan one week at a time, or in a different way?