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Aside from recovering from another busy weekend, Monday means meal planning.

I plan for 2 weeks at a time, and I post my meal plans every other Monday right here at Medium Sized Family.  So you can always come here for ideas that make your planning simpler.  If you like, you can look through my whole list of menu plans for ideas.

I’m continuing to feed my family easy meals.  During baseball season, the requirement is that a meal must be easy to put together and easy to eat quickly or on the go.  Crock Pot meals and sandwiches will continue to be favorites during this busy season!

2 Week Meal Plan for Early May. Get frugal ideas for all meals and snacks. Includes recipes!

Before I dig into my meal plan, I want to take a moment to say that I realize that meal planning takes time that some of you just don’t have.  Hopefully seeing my meal plan helps you to come up with frugal ideas that will work for your own family.  But if my ideas aren’t quite enough, you have options!

At one time, I was a busy working Mom.  I just didn’t have the time it took to plan meals and also plan out a grocery trip.  If that’s you these days, I have a recommendation for you that I wish had been available to me back when I was working!

Relish is a company that provides meal plans and grocery shopping lists that you can customize to meet your family’s needs.  You can scale menus to feed your own family size.  (That’s especially great for us medium sized families!)

I also love that they include ideas for freezer meals.  And that it’s mobile friendly, which means you won’t forget the list at home!

This service is available starting at just $5 per month.  And Medium Sized Family readers can get an extra 10% off by using this link here.

I recommend that you try it for a month or two and see if it’s a good fit for your family.  I’m willing to bet that you’ll save far more than $5 per month by using this service!

Our 2 Week Meal Plan


  • cereal
  • toast
  • bagels
  • Pop Tarts (celebrating the end of the school year!)

Lunch (with sides of fresh fruit, cheese or yogurt, and one junk food)

  • sandwiches  (PB&J, Nutella, PB&honey, lunchmeat, apple butter)
  • cheese and crackers
  • English muffin pizzas
  • leftovers
  • muffins
  • salads
  • hard boiled eggs

Supper  (with sides of potatoes, pasta salad, chips and/or fresh cut veggies)

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Our snacks and extras include

  • fresh fruit
  • cookies
  • popcorn
  • graham crackers
  • candy
  • breakfast bars
  • blackberry cobbler (rather than birthday cake)

A bonus is that most of these recipes provided my family with lots of leftovers, so I was able to just serve leftovers on a couple of especially busy nights!

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So, what’s on your menu?