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TGI 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week Friday!

I’m so happy you feel the same way.

So let’s get down to discussing the 5 ways our family was able to save money this week!

Reuse.  Usually when we get done with a big school project, I toss the poster board because a) I don’t want to take up space storing it.  And b) the kid has usually glued down their information and it seems like it wouldn’t come off well for the next project.

But somehow I found a corner of the house to hide two posters from the end of last school year.  And they came in really handy when we needed them for a last minute school project this week!  The boys were able to remove the old stuff without causing too much damage, and strategically placed the new info on there.  So it still looked nice and neat.

Reuse again.  (Was that redundant… you know, where you say the same thing twice?)  The same 5 ways we've saved money this week (5)school project required the kids to dress as their important person.

You really can’t dress up as Isaac Newton without addressing the hair.  Wow, that hair!  Pinterest to the rescue, and it’s a good thing we use a lot of TP in our house.  Here’s the pin that inspired our hair.

Firewood.  We were able to cut up an old tree that had fallen on our property.  It gave us a ton of firewood that should help us make it most of the way through the winter.  Much cheaper than propane, and a lot warmer, too!  Firewood is the job that warms you twice.

Got into the habit of saying no to fast food.  I’ll admit that it’s been a problem!

Paid attention to library due dates.  I don’t know about your local library, but ours has really raised their late fee fines over the past year or two!  Forgetting to renew or return books on time has become a seriously pricey venture.  I’ve started making it a habit to check once per week, and it’s so easy to renew books online that there really isn’t a reason to have to pay those fines anyway.

Some weeks this series really challenges me, but it’s comforting to know that I am finding small ways that add up to making a difference in our dollars here.  I hope you find this series encouraging, too.

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