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What’s that??

This is the 150th edition of the 5 ways we’ve saved money this week series??  Can you believe it?

This whole thing started waaaay back in 2015 (which seems like a million years ago, but also seems like yesterday…weird) when I decided to write up a little post about the ways we managed to save money that week.

It ended up being a hit.

I guess it’s because people who love saving money are always curious about the ways other families manage it.

And if you aren’t really big on saving money, it’s nice to see that there are a few easy ways to save a little bit, especially when saving seems like this huge, impossible task.

The thing I love the most about reaching this milestone is that it means we’ve built a community of people who love to save.  

Whether you’re on the email list (I’ve met so many people because they replied to an email I sent them, which is just so cool.  You gotta love the internet sometimes.)…

or you’re in the Facebook group (and to everyone in that amazing Facebook group…thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me and everyone else who struggles sometimes)…

or you just pop in occasionally and read without saying much (Believe me, I think you are fantastic, too.  I know what it feels like to just be talked out and not want to engage in anymore conversation for the day thankyouverymuch.)

This blog would not be anything at all without you.

Enough jabbering?

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #150!

The 150th edition of the 5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week series!


Oh man.

I think every list about saving money should begin with groceries.  Too many of us are spending as much (or more) on groceries as we do on our mortgage payments.

Hubby and I have been married for over 17 years, and I spent a lot of those years experimenting with ways to save the most on food.

A lot of those experiments failed.  (Like when I found someone who was selling tons of stuff in bulk and I went a little crazy buying all the things…or when I bought waaay too many apples from the orchard, despite the fact that I had a toddler that wasn’t going to let me can and freeze apples for a week.)

But I’ve finally come up with a method that works, and works well.  In fact, the tricks I’m using now would work no matter what type of groceries you like to buy or foods you love to eat.

It’s too much to put into a blog post, really.  So I created a simple course to walk you through the steps I take whenever I grocery shop. 

By the end of the course, you’ll have plenty of food on hand, and that money grocery budget will shrink (I think you can probably come up with other ways to use that money, right??).

I’m so excited about this project, because I truly believe it will change the way you grocery shop.  If my years and years of experimenting with grocery shopping can save you time, hassle, and money…woohoo!  

All of those experiments and fails will have been completely worth it.

Click here to learn more about Your Grocery Budget Overhaul.  (I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep the cost this low, so don’t wait too long!)

Sam’s Club

My sister gave me a membership to Sam’s Club for Christmas, and I finally went this week.  It’s the first time I’ve shopped there in a decade, so I was curious about what I would find.

Well, I found a ton of deals! 

You can see everything I bought here.  (And even the things I didn’t buy.)

Cold Bag

After I left Sam’s, I went to Aldi to compare a few prices.

I was trying to get through quickly because it was almost time for me to pick up my kids.

The cashier asked me to unload my cart while she went to do something. 

And then she forgot about me.


I tried to be patient, because I know she has a lot of work to do…but I was also running out of time.  (I promise I didn’t cause a scene, but I did catch the attention of another cashier who called for her.)

Then she came running back.  She apologized and gave me one of those big cold bags for my wait.

Which was super nice of her.  And I managed to hurry through and still make it on time.

Party Food

My sister held a Super Bowl party at her house over the weekend.  I chose what to bring based on what I had on hand.

That turned out to be Dump & Run Taco Soup and a buffalo chicken dip.  (Yum!)

Signed Papers

Hubby changed jobs last year, and we were running out of time to move the money from his pension account at his old job.  So we did the paperwork so we can invest that money ourselves.

I always worry about leaving money with an old company, since you never know what’s going to happen with it.  This way we can keep a better eye on it, plus we’ll have more control over what to do with it.

Soon I hope to meet with our financial guy so he can tell us if we seem to be on the right track for retirement.  I’m glad we started saving in our 20s, even though we only saved pretty small amounts.

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

Thanks so much for coming along on this fun ride!  I hope you’ll share the ways you saved money in the comments below.

And don’t forget to get started on Your Grocery Budget Overhaul.

How did you save this week?