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Like you (probably), our family has mostly stayed home for almost two weeks now.

That’s made it pretty easy to save money.

If you can stay away from online shopping, you might be finding the same thing.  Maybe you’ll even have time to develop new habits that will stick when life gets back to “normal”.

(Whenever that happens…and whatever that means!)

Last week I turned this post into 5 ways we made our food and supplies last longer.  It seemed fitting given the circumstances.

But today, I’m going to try to get back to a more normal Friday post.

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

The 5 ways we've saved money this week series continues with money saving tips and ideas from a frugal family of 8.

(Like my s’moreantine??)

Spring Break

This is our family’s spring break.

We’re not the type that takes a fancy trip on our spring break, so being stuck at home isn’t a huge disappointment to us.

(In fact, a lot of times my kids request to stay home on days off anyway.  I think they get tired of our busy schedule, too.  But on the other hand, they love the activities we do.)

So we’re taking it easy.  

Sleeping late.  Watching our free trial of Disney+.  Eating homemade goodies and desserts.  And being generally lazy.

It’s been so nice!


We wanted a way to make spring break a little special, so we decided to do the free one week trial of Disney+.

First we watched The Swiss Family Robinson.  Remember that old movie?  I loved it as a kid.

Anyway, the kids have really enjoyed it this week.  We were already considering keeping it for a month or so when I found this link to get your money back on one month of Disney+!

If you haven’t used TopCashback before, just sign up for a new account and you can get this offer, too.  (If you’ve already signed up, you can have another adult in your household sign up instead.)

Now, I’ll warn you that the link they send you to wants you to sign up for the $12.99 Disney+/Hulu/ESPN combo.  But if you click the “Login” button in the top right, you can create an account to get it for $6.99.


We’ve been using Chewy for our dog and cat food for a while now.

It’s the same price as what you find in stores.  Except that I don’t have to haul tons of bags of food home for our huge dogs.

So far we have loved it.

But last week I noticed our delivery hadn’t been made.  And then I found the email that said they were behind by a week or so.

Totally understandable since shelves everywhere are cleared of things like dog and cat food.

Still, I got nervous that our animals might have to go hungry.  I bought an extra bag of each and kept an eye out for that FedEx truck.

To be honest, I expected them to cancel the order.  Or come in several weeks.

But that turned out to be wasted worry.  (Isn’t it usually??)

They showed up within that week, and everything we needed was there.

If you haven’t tried them, click here to get 25% off your first order of select dry dog food.


I did a huge grocery trip last week with the hopes that I’d be able to stretch all of that food for a month.

So far everything seems to be holding out well.  (Yeah, it’s only been a week, so I would hope so!)

Homemade scratch cooking has been happening almost daily.  We’re enjoying treats I haven’t made in a long time.

(Chasing 6 kids on their schedules and activities is not for the weak.)

Last week I told you I made a sourdough starter.  So far we enjoyed sourdough bread (which I messed up a little…but it still tasted delicious!  Crusty bread with such a soft, yummy middle).

Now I’m working on sourdough pretzels.  We’ll have them tonight as a little Friday treat.


We’re lucky enough to have a good outside space and neighbors that are acres away from us.  Our natural life is social distancing.  haha

But the slow pace of this time is letting us get outside more often.

We’ve roasted marshmallows and cleaned out our barn.  We’ve planted seeds and taken walks.

It’s been nice.

If only it were in better circumstances.

Those are the ways we saved money this week!

I hope you’ve been able to find some good in your time these past couple of weeks, too.

I shared my famous Beer Bread Recipe and I definitely think you should give it a try.  Don’t worry, the beer taste and alcohol cook off.  (I don’t like beer, but I could devour a loaf of beer bread!)

How did you save this week?