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The rain was pouring down and the kids joked about going outside to play.  They could hardly believe it when I said, “Sure.  Why not?”

There’s a creek that runs right through our backyard.  Usually in a downpour like this, it swells and takes over much of our playing space.  Or it rushes so quickly that I can’t risk the kids being near it.  Too many horrible stories on the news makes that not worth the risk.  (shiver)

It’s just another reminder that the simple things in life bring a lot of joy.  Me?  I’m not going to run in the rain, but I’ll take this moment to appreciate a quiet cup of coffee.

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Ready for a new 5 ways?  Let’s dig in!

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

More ways this family is saving money so they can get out of debt

I Won!

You know I’m a fan of giveaways.  So when I saw that Daily Momtivity was hosting a giveaway for a $25 Kroger gift card, I had to try.  And I won!  I used to be one of those people that said, “I never win anything.”  But I can’t claim that anymore.  I’ve won several things over the past two years.

It’s funny how you can win if you actually enter!  (That reminds me of a lottery commercial…but I only enter free contests.)  🙂

(By the way, this inspired an interesting post idea, so stay tuned for that!)

Festive Clothing

We love to celebrate Independence Day.  Seeing a parade and catching some fireworks (not literally) makes the day feel special.

I couldn’t help but admire all the little girls in their beautiful red white and blue outfits.  We, on the other hand, grabbed either a red or blue t-shirt and called it good enough.  Some day I might look for an adorable outfit for at least the kids young enough to enjoy it.  But not this year.

God bless America…and baseball! #fourthofjuly #baseballmom #americana

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Cash Back

Way back in January, I rented our van for vacation through Hertz.  (Read my Hertz review and whether we’d use them again.)  Before I shopped, I started the way I always do: a quick stop at Ebates.com.  You’ll get cash back on tons of stuff when you start there.

I wasn’t sure if I’d see the rebate money from Hertz, but sure enough it was posted to my account.  I should be seeing an extra $13 back soon!  I love getting that kind of money just for making a couple of extra clicks on the computer.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


More Than Just Making It


I’m a fan of The Humbled Homemaker (in fact, you can read my recent guest post on her blog here!), so I was excited to join the launch team for her brand new book, More Than Just Making It.  The UPS man showed up unexpectedly, and there was my copy of the book!

I’ve already been reading, and it’s just so good.  Her story is not only interesting, but it really makes you think about how you spend and where your priorities lie.  You can preorder the book now (you get bonus goodies!).

Rescue Plants

I’m always inspired by The Prudent Homemaker.  Her attention to detail helps her family save a ton of money and live more beautifully than many people with a much higher income.

So when I noticed some “volunteer” plants coming up in our mulch pile (not a compost pile, because I don’t pay it that much attention) I decided to plant them and see what happens.  I’m hoping we get some cucumbers from this!

Those are the 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week!

Whenever it’s raining I think of the old Nitty Gritty Dirt Band song…”If we’re ever gonna see a rainbow, we’ve got to stand a little rain.”  Have a weekend of rainbows!

But before you go, check out this post and grab your $5 in totally FREE stock!  (My Hubby’s Under Armour has already gone up!)

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How did you save this week?