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Summer vacation isn’t complete without a week at Vacation Bible School.  So the kids are enjoying that this week.  It’s a free way for them to grow closer to God (not to mention others in our community).

I love to get there a little before pick up time and listen to them sing.  The first day I thought there was a choir!  It feeds my soul, and they come home more relaxed (so I suspect it’s the same for them).

This Friday series is wonderful, because I feel like the end of each week brings us that much closer to debt freedom!  If you’re ready to save more money or get better control over your own finances, you’ve found the right place.  (My newsletter subscribers get extra money saving tips I don’t share on the blog, so be sure to sign up!)

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The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

Get money saving tips for families from this blogger who talks about the ways her family saves money week after week!


We pay for Amazon Prime, because we actually use most of the services they offer pretty regularly.  The latest benefit my Hubby is loving is Audible.  Amazon Prime members have access to a selection of books.  You can listen to as many of the books as you like.

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Girl Day!

It’s so important to get one on one time in with the kids (especially when you have a large family).  Finding the time and creative ways to do it is tough sometimes.  That’s why I was so happy to get a girls’ day in with my daughter this week.

We were already downtown for an appointment.  Since we were so close, we used our family’s zoo pass.  We checked out all of her favorite animals (including baby hippo Fiona!).  Just taking a water bottle kept the trip simple.

My girly took this one. She was excited to fit all the penguins in one picture!

50 Cent Frosties!!

On the way home I stopped for Frosties.  Clearly I don’t pay much attention to deals anymore, because I was pleasantly surprised to find that we got them for just 50 cents!

So for $1.06 we had a fun day together.

Birthday Cards

How often does a birthday party sneak up on you?  I’m embarrassed to admit how often this happens to me!

So I grabbed a pack of 10 cards at the dollar store.   Now when we are on our way out the door to a party, I’ll shove some cash in a card and call it good.

Last baseball game of the season. 🙁

Veggie Tray

Over the weekend we headed to a family reunion.  We needed to bring drinks and a side.  Since we were coming straight from a baseball game (and I hadn’t prepared ahead of time, because the tournament schedule left us uncertain about whether we could make the reunion at all!), I decided to drop in to the grocery store and grab a side.

After pondering for a moment, I decided to check out the veggie trays.  Sometimes they cost a fortune!  But every once in a while you can find a deal.

I noticed that the tray with dip on it cost about $5 more than the tray without dip.  So I grabbed the one without and marched to the back of the store.  There I found dip for less than $2.  I saved $3 and got a few extra steps in!

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

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How have you saved this week?