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You want gifts for little boys they’ll love even after the box is thrown away. Every gift on this list is kid tested and approved.

Shopping for gifts for little boys is just plain fun.

There are so many things that will bring them true joy…as long as you know where to look.

Because after all, we live in a world filled with overwhelming choices.  So it helps to narrow gift ideas down to things that are tried and true.

With four boys in our family, we’ve had hundreds of toys cycle through our home over the years. 

Sadly, I’ve seen a ton of toys get tossed in a corner and never played with again.

But I’m now an expert at which toys get played with time and time again.

These are the winners. The toys that are tried and true…well loved and played with until they’re worn.

I’ll let you in on a secret…9 times out of 10, the ignored toy is one that lights up with bells and whistles (and batteries).  

Sure, those are pretty exciting at first.  But after a few times, the kid realizes that this toy never does anything new.  It’s loud and flashy…and really boring.

The best-loved toys are ones that involve imagination.

Tried and True Gifts Beloved By Little Boys

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Train Set

Every boy seems to be enamored by a nice train set.

This train set is easy to assemble.  You can change the look of the track every time you play.  (And it’s much more affordable than other train sets!)

So as your child grows older, their creation can become more elaborate. PLUS you can buy additional pieces, which means you’re set on gift ideas for a while.


Imaginext toys are awesome!  

Get a big building for them to play with.  One of our boys loved the Bat Cave and would play with it for hours. 

If you don’t want to spend that much, no problem. They have toys in all price ranges, and they’re all fun.

They have tons of choices, from timeless boy favorites like pirates and dragons to popular sets like Jurassic Park and Toy Story.

You’ll definitely find something that sparks imagination in your boy.

Some of these toys do take batteries, but they aren’t necessary.  Even if you run out of batteries, the toy is still plenty of fun!


If you have boys, you probably already have a pile of Hot Wheels cars.  Yeah, we do, too. And we’ve tried a bunch of different Hot Wheels tracks and toys with them.

But they always seemed to fall apart quickly. They were difficult to play with. It was frustrating.

Then, we finally found the BluTrack.  It’s the perfect way to race your toy cars!

It comes with a giant suction cup (one that has worked for years…even the kids can use it easily).  You can suction it to a window or door.  

Then the kids can race their cars down the ramp.

They can even create loops and ramps to make the cars do neat tricks.  My 2-year-old plays with this every single day.

Balance Bikes

Your first bike probably had training wheels.

But these days, there’s a better way.

Get your child a balance bike for their first bike. You can skip the training wheels completely!

They’ll learn to balance on their bike properly from the start, making it a lot easier to transition to a regular bike faster.


If building creativity and imagination is important to you, there might be no better toy to give than a Bilibo.

Kids can spin around in them, pull things with a rope… the sky is the limit!  

Great for indoors or outside.  

Look for videos on Youtube to see ways other children have played with this unique toy.

Nerf Guns

A Nerf gun is a must for boys of all ages.  I’ve even bought them for my Hubby!

Look for guns of all shapes and sizes.  

Or accessories to go with their guns such as extra darts, vests, and masks.

We have a huge stack of Solo-type cups the kids stack and shoot over all the time.


Legos have been around forever, and they are as popular as ever!

Get Duplos for the little guys and bigger sets for the older ones.

You won’t believe what a selection there is these days.


My boys discovered Magformers a few years ago, and now we are all hooked on them!

They can be expensive, so look for a sale on them.  (They usually go on sale around November/December.)

These special magnets allow you to create a variety of things by laying them in a specific pattern on the floor.  Then you can pull them up to create a ball or tower or any number of things!  

Be as creative as you like with them.

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What great gift idea for a boy did I miss?  Be sure to let us know in the comments!