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100 Interesting Road Trip Questions That Will Cure Your Boredom

Looking for fun road trip questions that are interesting enough to break up the boredom? These questions are family friendly, but entertaining for everyone!

Right now, you’re probably either…

A.) …halfway through a road trip and bored out of your mind.  The ABC game got boring miles ago and you’re tired of listening to “I Would Walk 500 Miles” (HIMYM reference).

B.) …an uber prepared person who knows they’re heading out for a road trip soon and needs to stop that boredom before it starts.

C) Stuck at home for any number of reasons and bored out of your mind.

Either way, this list is perfect for you!  Let’s pull together a fun list of questions you can ask your fellow road tripees when the yellow line gets too long.

Here you’ll find questions that are great for spouses, friends, or even a big family.


Spending Quality Time: How To Make It Work With A Large Family

Spending Quality Time: How To Make It Work With A Large Family

Spending quality time with the individual members of your family is vital. But how can you make it a priority when you never have enough time or money? Here’s how to make it work.

Time is the “currency” of relationships.  There’s no way to invest in a relationship without investing your time.  ~Dave Willis

You can spend all of your money on your kids, but we all know what they really want is our time.  That can be tough to do when you have a large family or a busy schedule.

And you can do this without draining your wallet on fancy events or season tickets.  Today, let’s talk about spending quality time with your family in a way that won’t put you in the poor house.


20 Quick Hacks for Raising Large Families That Will Make Life Simple

These tips for raising large families are super easy to put into place. And once you start using them, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

I don’t know why, but when you have a bunch of kids, people tend to assume one of two things about you:  1) You have it all together (much more than they ever could!)…or 2) you’re a hot mess.

But to be honest with you, large family Moms are pretty much like the rest of the members of the Mom club.  They come in all shapes and sizes.

I think every mom, from the Pinterest perfect Mom to the lovable chaos Mom, would love to learn things that make Mom life easier.

Perfect mom, I am not. But I have been doing this parenting thing for over 19 years now.  And along the way, I’ve managed to stumble upon some great parening hacks that make life easier.

So check out my personal list of quick and easy ideas you can put into place to make your large family home flow more smoothly.


How to Keep Your Large Family Christmas Simple (But Fun!)

How to Keep Your Large Family Christmas Simple (But Fun!)

Celebrating a large family Christmas is a blend of chaos, entertainment, and love. But it can get expensive! Here’s how to keep it simple and affordable.

There’s something magical about Christmas morning.  But it’s even more magical when you have a large family to share it with. 

There’s always someone to share dreams and excited giggles with, and that just makes the anticipation even better!

Big families are full of at least a little chaos, so it’s only natural that Christmas would get extra crazy when you have a lot of children to shop for.  But it doesn’t have to get out of hand.

This year, we’re adopting a simple idea that won’t cost much, won’t take a lot of time, but will (ideally) change the feel of the way we celebrate the season. 

Learn the easy steps you can take to recreate this idea with your own family!


Hertz Review: Everything You Need To Know About Their Rentals

Hertz Review: Everything You Need To Know About Their Rentals

Inside:  Considering renting a car from Hertz? Read this Hertz review to learn everything you need to know, from payment to pick up.

While I was not compensated for this post, the links here are affiliate links.  Thanks for helping us get debt free!

One way we save a ton of money is by renting cars for long trips.  Does that sound strange?  We drive an 11 year old minivan.  It’s getting up there in mileage, but I love the monthly payment ($0).

In the past, I might have looked for a reason to upgrade to a newer van.  Taking a trip would be the perfect justification!

But the math doesn’t add up.  New cars always cost more than you think they will.  Then you have to add on extra insurance and tax costs.  In the end, you spend thousands trying to avoid a bill of hundreds.  That’s what Robert Burton called “Penny wise and pound foolish.”


101 Fun Things To Do With Friends (That You Can Do Right At Home!)

101 Fun Things To Do With Friends (That You Can Do Right At Home!)

This list of fun things to do with the family is a must have.  Keep it on hand and draw ideas from it all year long.

As you scan the latest school newsletter, one certain date catches your eye.

Because next to that date are two little words that demolish your usual schedule.

“No school.”

Why the kids have a random day off of school in October is neither here nor there.

Either way, you need to figure out what that day is going to look like.

Hey, I’m all for having a lazy day where we sit around in pajamas and do nothing.  (For once.)

And letting the kids learn to be bored can pay off big time.

But if you want to go just.one.day without the kids at each other’s throats (because he said no girls are allowed upstairs…and she hit me first)…then what you need is a plan.

And after you print off this list of fun things to do as a family, they’ll be too busy having fun to fight.

Well, fingers crossed anyway.