Easiest Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas For Busy Moms

These easy make ahead breakfast ideas are perfect for busy moms (who want to save money on groceries).

Some days I wonder if my teenage boys ever eat breakfast at all.

Most of the time, they are running out the door for school, doing everything at the last minute.

In fact, I’ve noticed that the only time they for sure grab some food on their way out the door is when I’ve made something they like that’s easy to grab and go.


Quick and Easy Sausage Sweet Potato Soup Recipe: Simple, Delicious Food

Your new favorite quick and easy sausage sweet potato soup recipe is here! Throw it together and simmer 30 minutes…they’ll swear you cooked all day.

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Say you have chicken stock sitting in the fridge right now.

You just emptied several bowls filled with science experiments (ewwww) from the back of the fridge a couple of days ago, and you’ll be darned if you’re gonna let that chicken stock meet the same fate.

So clearly, supper is going to be some kind of soup.

But what kind? You’ve served chicken five nights in a row, and the family might revolt if you do it again tonight.

You flip through recipe books, looking for something that…

a) you actually have most of the ingredients for, and…

b) the family would actually be willing to eat (or at least try).


10 Money Saving Plans That Will Actually Fill Your Empty Savings Account

The critical part of choosing a money saving plan is finding one that works the way YOU work.

Savings account.


Is there any more guilt inducing phrase in the English language?

Maybe.  But most of us don’t feel a sense of security when we hear about the “savings” we were supposed to have built up.

That’s because it’s not as easy as “just save 10% of your paycheck” when you add in things like…oh, kids. And cars. And rent or mortgages. And, and, and…

But if that save 10% advice doesn’t work for your real life, that doesn’t mean everything is hopeless.

It simply means that you haven’t found the savings method that works for your real life…yet.

Today, we’re gonna fix that.


The 25 Best Large Family Freezer Meals: Easy Recipes, Simple Ingredients

The best large family freezer meals are easy to make, with simple ingredients. Get the recipes here.

You know those days when you get out of bed late, and everything that happens next seems to snowball until your day is one big mess?

By suppertime, you’re ready to throw in the towel and call for pizza.  (Again.)

Well, you can make everything much easier on yourself with just a little prep work, and this list of large family freezer meals.

This list is gonna come in handy over and over, so make sure you bookmark it or pin it!

And by the way, don’t miss out on my other lists of large family friendly meals:

Large Family Dinner Ideas That Will Be Favorites In No Time

Easy, Cheap Large Family Meals You’ll Love

FYI, every recipe in this list and my other recommended lists are easy, cheap meals with simple ingredients that I make for my family of 8 on a regular basis (with a couple I just discovered and will be adding to our meal plan ASAP!).


How To Live Simply (and Cheaply): Starting A More Fulfilling Frugal Life

Wondering how to live simply when you feel like you’re already following most frugal living advice? Time to dig deeper!

Here’s another fabulous post from one of our favorite frugal folks from the Frugal Living Facebook group, Belinda Lents!

(If frugal tips are your favorite, you can join us here!)

Do you ever feel like you have read countless money saving articles only to realize…

…none of them apply to your real life?

I mean, I don’t even drink coffee or eat out on a regular basis.

Over the past twenty years, I have read hundreds, maybe even thousands, of articles on how to save money.

And a few years ago, it finally occurred to me that I was already doing most of the common suggestions.

It was time to dig deeper.


20 Frugal Ways To Keep Your House Warm (Without Emptying Your Savings)

These frugal ways to keep your house warm are so easy to put in place…but they’ll save you a ton of cash!

Fall is something to get excited about, especially when life seems so crazy and otherwise unpredictable.

There’s hot cups of tea to look forward to. And warm cozy sweaters you haven’t seen in months.

And those surprisingly enormous heat bills coming in the mail.

Ok, so maybe you aren’t looking forward to that one.

But that’s ok.  Because today we’ll talk about a few simple things you can do to save money on that bill.  So maybe we can make it not-so-enormous this time.

Ready to learn how to stay warm at home?