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The best large family freezer meals are easy to make, with simple ingredients. Get the recipes here.

You know those days when you get out of bed late, and everything that happens next seems to snowball until your day is one big mess?

By suppertime, you’re ready to throw in the towel and call for pizza.  (Again.)

Well, you can make everything much easier on yourself with just a little prep work, and this list of large family freezer meals.

This list is gonna come in handy over and over, so make sure you bookmark it or pin it!

And by the way, don’t miss out on my other lists of large family friendly meals:

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Easy, Cheap Large Family Meals You’ll Love

FYI, every recipe in this list and my other recommended lists are easy, cheap meals with simple ingredients that I make for my family of 8 on a regular basis (with a couple I just discovered and will be adding to our meal plan ASAP!).

Let’s dive in!

The Best Large Family Freezer Meals

Best freezer meals for large families. Large family freezer meal recipes and ideas that are easy, cheap, simple ingredients. Good food to feed a crowd. Freezer friendly recipes for kids and families that feed a big family or large crowd of people. Yummy recipes you can freeze.

Before I get to the recipes, here’s a tool that’s a must for any Mama that relies on her freezer to feed her family:

This Food Saver is a must have for your kitchen.

After all, who wants to spend a bunch of time making freezer meals, only to discover them at the bottom of the chest…freezer burnt and wasted.

(Bye bye money. I can’t believe I wasted so much time on this!)

Get the Food Saver that will save your time and money.

Chicken Nuggets

I love having these on hand for easy lunches.  (Don’t tell the kids, but they have veggies hidden in them!)

Homemade Healthy Chicken Nuggets from Medium Sized Family

Chicken Taquitos

These freeze really well, and they’re so yummy!

Cream Cheese and Chicken Taquitos

Easy Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos from Medium Sized Family

Easy Freezer Meatballs

This easy freezer meatballs recipe is easy, economical, delicious and can be made with either ground turkey, ground beef, or a mix of both.

Perfectly prepared in bulk batches, tastes better than store-bought, and always there for you when life gets busy.

Easy Freezer Meatballs from The Forked Spoon

Million Dollar Casserole

Don’t worry. This one doesn’t cost a million bucks…it just tastes like it!

To make it freezer friendly: Treat it just like a lasagna: Assemble, wrap tightly, freeze immediately. Don’t bother refrigerating first – as it freezes, the flavors will marry.

When you’re ready to bake, cover the top with a sheet of tented foil and bake for 45 minutes, then remove the foil and bake for an additional 20 minutes.

Million Dollar Casserole from Ally’s Sweet and Savory Eats

Crock Pot Cilantro Lime Shredded Chicken

Make a big batch, then use it for everything from tacos and burritos to rice bowls and salads.

Crock Pot Cilantro Lime Shredded Chicken from Food Love

Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers

Use any type of peppers you prefer to make this freezer friendly stuffed bell pepper recipe!

Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers from Live Simply

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Looking for a new meatless meal idea?  This chili sounds delicious!  Especially for Cincinnati area folks who have no problem with a little chocolate in their chili.  (Seriously, try it.)

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili from Vegan Huggs

Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole

There’s something about the chicken bacon ranch combination that makes my mouth water every time!

To make this one freezer friendly (so easy): Assemble it the same way, and freeze right in the casserole dish. You can bake it from frozen, but it will cook more evenly if you let it thaw in the fridge first.

You may need to give it a good stir after baking, or midway through.

(Use spinach or broccoli…or skip the green stuff if the kids won’t eat it, and serve fresh veggies on the side instead.)

Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole from Wholesome Yum

Versatile Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

There are so many options here, you’re bound to have these ingredients on hand!

(Bonus…breakfast is done before your coffee.)

Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos from Fannetastic Food

Honey Dijon Chicken

For the Mama desperately looking for freezer meals that don’t have tomatoes in the recipe, daggonit.

(That used to be me, too! I usually end up replacing diced tomatoes with tomato sauce since they don’t seem to object to that.)

This looks perfect for an overcast, chilly day.

Honey Dijon Chicken from Erica’s Recipes

Crock Pot Ham and Beans

Could this be the perfect cold weather food?

Cool the recipe, then dump into a big freezer bag, or freezer container.  Thaw and heat to serve.

Crock Pot Ham & Beans

Crock Pot Ham and Beans from Medium Sized Family

Apple Sausage Hash Casserole

I haven’t tried this one yet, but boy does it look delicious! Packed with great ingredients I know my family would love (and I usually have on hand), which makes this one a winner.

Apple Sausage Hash Casserole from Wholesome Family Living

Crock Pot Chicken and Bacon “Crack”

Obviously an addicting recipe. 😉  Make batches ahead of time, then you can pour this chicken over noodles, leftover mashed potatoes, or your favorite bed of food.

Keto Crack Chicken Crock Pot Meal from Savvy Honey

Arroz Colorido

Here’s a simple rice dish you can make for a meatless night. Or freeze in batches as a side dish.

Arroz Colorido from Melissa Traub

Pesto Chicken Bake

Here’s a yummy chicken casserole that’s a little different!  I’ll admit that I don’t always have pesto on hand, but ever since I found it at Aldi I have started to stock up on it.

Pesto Chicken Bake from Everyday Delicious

Big Batch Chinese Beef

Perfect name for a yummy large family freezer meal!

Big Batch Chinese Beef from Kitchen Sanctuary

Tater Tot Casserole With Beef and Veggies

Definitely a kid friendly meal.

Tater Tot Casserole with Beef and Veggies from Freezer Meals 101

White Chicken Chili

You can freeze this one before or after cooking and enjoy the leftovers in a few weeks!

White Chicken Chili from Medium Sized Family

More Freezer Meal Ideas

Freeze a big batch of pancakes or waffles.

Muffins of any kind freeze well for a good breakfast option.

Slow Cooker Tuscan Chicken White Bean Soup

Crowd Pleaser Mexican Soup

Easy Chicken Enchiladas

Make Your Own Homemade Frozen Pizza

Maple Glazed Salmon – Cut your salmon down and cover it with the marinade. Freeze until you’re ready to bake.

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Over 25 Cheap and Easy Large Family Freezer Meals You Can Throw Together Today!

These crowd pleasing freezer meals make feeding your large family easier than ever!

The next time your day starts off rough, at least you know dinner is already done.

What’s your favorite freezer meal recipe?