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The critical part of choosing a money saving plan is finding one that works the way YOU work.

Savings account.


Is there any more guilt inducing phrase in the English language?

Maybe.  But most of us don’t feel a sense of security when we hear about the “savings” we were supposed to have built up.

That’s because it’s not as easy as “just save 10% of your paycheck” when you add in things like…oh, kids. And cars. And rent or mortgages. And, and, and…

But if that save 10% advice doesn’t work for your real life, that doesn’t mean everything is hopeless.

It simply means that you haven’t found the savings method that works for your real life…yet.

Today, we’re gonna fix that.

Develop your own personal money saving plan and start saving like a boss!

A Whole Variety of Money Saving Plans To Choose From

How to find a personal money saving plan that works to fill your savings account. Save the most money with a savings plan that works.

Where To Save It?

To begin with, you need a good, reliable place to keep this savings account.

Starting off in a jar is well and good,but at some point you’ll want to stash that money in a bank account.

We use Chase Bank, because it’s so easy to find an ATM close to just about anywhere. That’s helpful for emergencies, but also to deposit all that savings you’ll be piling up. 😉

Now, let’s get down to building that savings…

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1.  Bingo!

I created this Bingo style money saving chart a few years ago, and boy has it been popular!

It’s the best way to save when your money situation looks different from week to week.

Get a bonus?  Save a lot!

Blow a tire?  Choose a smaller box to save.

In a year, you’ll have an extra $1,000 in your savings.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The beauty of this chart is that you can add a 0 to the numbers here to build your savings into $10,000 instead (for a real challenge).

(Click the pic to print one for your own personal use!)

Money Saving Chart to Save $1,000 This Year

2. Smaller Scale Savings

After that chart took off, I decided it was time to create another chart for saving in just 30 days.

What I really like about this chart is that it really highlights how much those tiny amounts of money can add up to something big.

The next time that dollar bin at Target tempts you, think of this chart instead.

(Ditto the vending machine at work. The impulse buy at the check out.  The drink you bought instead of carrying a water bottle. etc, etc)

Again, click the pic to print  your own copy for personal use.

Use this money saving chart to easily save $100 in a month

3.  Challenge!

A 30 Day Money Saving Challenge can be just the ticket to making your brain crave saving money over spending money.

This fun challenge has a gaming aspect to it that makes you want to save more and more.

Join here:

4. The Money Jar

Sure, most of us have a money jar somewhere at home.

It’s a place to stash random cash we might have lying around.  Maybe it’s change, maybe there are some bills in there.

Well, here’s a different way to use that jar that might change the way you deal with unexpected expenses. (That makes saving easier!)

5.  The Christmas Account

Sometimes saving money is as much about finding new ways to get more income as it is about saving what you already make.

This series is filled with ideas for making a little extra cash to give your savings a boost.  (You get to decide if you want to save for Christmas or build your savings account.)

6.  Accountability Group

Finding a group of like minded people that encourage you to save money is like hitting the jackpot of savings.

Lucky for you, that group actually exists!  Frugal people who encourage each other in their real, messy lives, even when times get tough.

If you like positive encouragement for saving more money, be sure to join the Facebook group here.

7. Save for Vacation

Has it been years since you traveled?

Maybe you’d find it more fun to save if the end goal was…well, more fun.

Try this fun savings chart to save for portions of your trip!

This free printable for travel will inspire you to fill that vacation savings account!

8.  An App

Digit: Free money saving app*Digit is now charging a small monthly fee.  I’ve canceled my account, but you may like it if you have trouble saving or have irregular paychecks.*

Of course there’s an app for that!

If you heart your smartphone like its a family member, you might be looking for the right money saving app.  In that case, Digit might be the app for you.

After seeing some chatter about this app, I had to give it a try.  Boy am I glad I did!  

Digit takes small amounts of money from your checking account based on fancy algorithms to make sure you won’t miss that money.  It’s dropped into an FDIC insured account.

You can pause it at any time or make a withdrawal with a simple text.

If you like things easy, you’ll love that they send you daily texts telling you what your checking account balance is and what your latest withdrawals were.  

How’s that for avoiding overdrafts?

9.  Games With Bills and Coins

If you like games, turn saving money into one!

For this one to work, you have to use more cash than debit cards.

Then, every time you get a _______, you save it.

Fill in the blank…it could be a $5 bill (Helllllo Lincoln!), a dime, one dollar bills, quarters, whatever works for you.

Put them into a jar or piggy bank.

You can fit dimes into a 20 oz pop bottle (or a 2 liter if you’re really dedicated!).

10. Start A #yearofno

Our family’s biggest money saver by far was when we lived in a #yearofno.

Sure, not spending any money on frivolous things was tough.

BUT (and this is a big but)…

…there is a lot of freedom in not having to make decisions day in and day out when it comes to spending money.

And you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can pay off debt or build savings in a year of no.

Get all the details about #yearofno here.

These fun money saving plans are just what you need to finally save some money this year!

Choose your favorite plans and get started today.

If you like this, you’ll love my plan to help you save up that emergency fund you’ve been meaning to get to!

Secure Your Savings and Find Peace in the New Year: A 30 Day Money Challenge

Have you tried any of these money saving plans before?  Or do you know of a different idea?  Share!