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If you struggle each year to find gift money, don’t wait for Christmas to sneak up on you again. Try these 7 ways to fill your Christmas savings account.

Christmas money?  Now?  Why should I worry about Christmas money in the middle of summer or early fall?  I have bigger fish to fry.

Well, you should worry about it.  Because it’s coming, friends.

Many of us treat Christmas purchases like unexpected expenses.  December comes along, and we find ourselves putting gifts on a credit card.  After all, we want to get gifts for loved ones and we can’t find another way to do it.  We’ll just pay the bills later.

It’s a habit that never ends well.  Honestly, I’ve even done it myself a time or two.  (That’s just another reason why we had to learn how to get out of debt.)

But there’s another way.

How to Fill Your Christmas Savings Account

I can hear you now!  You’re saying, “But Jamie, I can’t do it.  I know I should just open a Christmas savings account at my bank and deposit money there from each check.  But I don’t have the extra money!”

That’s a great way for some people to save.  But if that’s not an option for you, don’t worry.  This series is focused on finding different ways to pile up Christmas money.

In fact, I was able to find 7 other ways to help you fill your Christmas savings account.

And the sooner you use these methods, the more money you’ll have available to you come December.

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When you think of it that way, why wouldn’t you start planning now?!

I'm so tired of putting Christmas gifts on a credit card. These ideas are actually doable, so you can put together a Christmas savings account ahead of time.

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Reasons why shopping for gifts might be stressful for you.

  • Maybe you are struggling financially now and aren’t even sure how you will get gifts for your closest loved ones (especially the kids).
  • Maybe you’re in debt and so tired of worrying about it.  The last thing you want to do is fund yet another Christmas with a pile of plastic cards.
  • Maybe you have so many people to buy for that you are exhausted just thinking about it.
  • Maybe you want to have the chance to give to the needy at Christmas, but that’s just when you have nothing extra to give.

If you can relate to any of those reasons, this series is for you!

My hope is that this series will give you hope and eventually some peace at the thought of gift giving this season.

These are some awesome ways to save money for Christmas. Especially if there's nothing to save from your regular paychecks.

Check out all 7 Ways to Pile Up Christmas Money:

If you are looking for more money saving tips you can use now, be sure to check out my 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week series.

What creative ways do you save money for Christmas?