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We’ve celebrated more holidays at home in the past year than ever before.

But if I’m totally honest, Valentine’s Day is a holiday we often spend at home.

Who wants to fight the crowds? Especially when we already don’t get enough date nights!

So for years, we’ve found some special ways to enjoy our Valentine’s Day together, at home.

Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate.

How To Celebrate A Memorable Stay At Home Valentine’s Day

1. Dining In

There are a lot of things you can do for food that don’t involve heading to a restaurant.

This might be a good time to give DoorDash a try. Use this link to get your first delivery totally free!

Or, maybe you want to get a little more creative.

Or, if you want to surprise your beloved with a nice splurge, try Lobster Anywhere to have fresh Maine lobsters fresh from your kitchen. (Use this link to get free shipping!)

If you’re more frugal (like me), you can always make his favorite meal. (Lasagna!)

2. Go For A Drive

What special places have meant the most to you? Why not take a tour of your very favorite spots?

  • Swing by the place you first met.
  • Where you got engaged.
  • Maybe that one place that makes you giggle every time you think about it. ūüėČ

Even if you don’t have a “special place”, you can still load up in the car and enjoy a nice drive together.

It’s an easy way to get some quiet time.

3. Choose The Proper Tunes

Every couple has at least one song that means something to them.

If you’ve been together for a while, you can probably make a sound track of songs that spring up memories.

If not…you can still choose songs that make you think of him or her.

Is this the best Easter picture EVER? I mean, I think so, but I’ll let you decide…

4. The Memory Game

Here’s a freebie I think you’ll like. And you can use it right at home!

They say that couples who reminisce on their earliest, happiest times build a stronger relationship.

And if you haven’t been together for that long, use it as a way to learn more about each other!

So here’s a little game that will help you do just that!

Print out this list and cut it into strips.

Then, take turns pulling a word from a hat. See if the word you choose jogs a certain memory.

Click here or on the photo below to download and print your pdf.

5. A Gift For Two

Maybe this deck of Conversation Cards For Couples is more your speed?

And it’s something you can use over and over! I think it would be a great way to enjoy a long car trip.

6. Love Bomb!

So Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year. But doing this for the 15th would be an even bigger surprise.

Take a book of post it notes and write something you love about them on each note.

(You could fill some of them with a “remember that time…” or a coupon “good for one time of NOT saying ‘I don’t care, what do you want?’.”)

Then, tape them all over their home office, their car…or even just hide them all over your own home.

7. Decorate The House

Here’s a whole list of fun and super cheap ways to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day.

That’ll put you in a festive mood!

8. Valentine’s Day Cards

Exchange homemade cards. See who can make the cheesiest card. Or the funniest. Or the most creative.

The sky’s the limit!

9. Love Languages

This idea will help you develop a deeper relationship for a long time to come.

Go here to take the quiz and find out each of your love languages.

Then, you’ll know the best way to show love to your favorite guy or gal. (Because she doesn’t always want roses…sometimes she’d be excited to have the dishwasher fixed!)

10. Celebrate With The Kids

Hey, they love Valentine’s Day, too!

Here are our favorite (free) ways to celebrate together!

You’ll love your Valentine’s Day at home so much, you may never go back to the restaurants!

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