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Summer break has just begun, and many of us moms are already done with the whining.  Even if you have a strict policy eliminating the words “I’m bored” from your household vocabulary, they just say it in other ways.  Usually picking fights with each other or bouncing off of the walls.

You need to put that restless energy to good use!  Sometimes, all it takes is a suggestion or two about what to do when you’re bored.

Over the past year, I’ve compiled a few lists with suggestions for kids to try when they have too much free time.  While I strongly suggest that you give these kids an appropriate chore chart to work on throughout their day (we are trying to work ourselves out of a job here, right Moms?), you probably shouldn’t fill their entire day with chores.

So let’s talk about some great ideas to fill that time.

What to Do When You’re Bored for Kids

What to do when you're bored for kids. Tired of the kids whining about being bored? These boredom busters will give you ideas about what to do when you're bored at home.

Outdoor Games for Kids

Let’s start with my brand new post that I’m sharing over at A Budget Friendly Life today.  It’s called Outdoor Games for Kids.

In that post you’ll find:

  • a free printable backyard scavenger hunt list
  • tips for having your kids create their own obstacle course
  • a couple of games you can explain and send them outside to try

Outside Activities for Tweens

One of the first posts I wrote for Medium Sized Family was Outside Activities for Tweens.  When your kids reach that tween stage, they are sometimes too cool to play outside like they did when they were small.

In that post you’ll find:

  • Target practice using a variety of targets and things to knock them over with
  • Ways to change up biking and make it feel new again
  • Some challenging ways to add adventure to your backyard

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A List of Free Educational Websites for Kids

If you worry that your child is going to forget important math facts or other knowledge they gained this past school year, fear not.  This List of Free Educational Websites for Kids will get your kids back in the swing of learning in a fun and engaging way.

In that post you’ll find:

  • Sites for beginning readers
  • Sites for older kids
  • Sites you might just hijack and start learning something new from yourself!

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids Full of Energy

Stuck inside?  No matter the weather, this list of ideas will give you some Fun Indoor Activities for Kids Full of Energy.

In that post you’ll find:

  • A free yoga channel to try
  • Minute to Win It games that kids love
  • Lego activities that will keep those kids busy for hours

9 Great Books That Will Give Your Kids Giggles

Why not take a trip to your local library?  While you’re there, be sure to check out these 9 Great Books That Will Give Your Kids Giggles.

In that post you’ll find:

  • Well, this one is pretty self explanatory.  All of these books have made us laugh and laugh.  They’re fun to read over and over again!

With so many great ideas to try, you won’t have to wonder what to do when you’re bored for kids any longer!  Nearly all of these options are #yearofno approved, and you can try them right away.

In my home, if the kids say “I’m bored” I always offer them a cleaning job so they don’t feel bored any more.  Works like a charm!  What’s your favorite way to deal with bored kids?

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