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Yes, I have a big family. No, I’m not overwhelmed. Having a big family is a joy for so many reasons!

When our third baby was born, people started to raise their eyebrows just a bit.  I heard a few comments about “knowing what causes that.”

Then I got pregnant with our fourth baby.  Because we had three boys in our large family home, people just assumed that we were trying for a girl.  That wasn’t actually the case, but surprisingly, we “got our girl”.

And then I became pregnant with baby number five.

And later…number six!

That baffled a lot of people.  Why in the world would we have another baby when we already had both boys and a girl?

Meanwhile, I wonder the total opposite.  

Why do people consider kids a collectible item?  I don’t have babies because I’m trying to get a specific type of child.  

I have a big family for so many better reasons.  Here are just a few.

Here are the 10 Best Reasons I Have a Big Family

10 Reasons to Have a Big Family: The world doesn't always make big family life easy. But here are 10 great reasons to have a large family.

1.  Life is Never Boring.

Ok, so even big families have days when they are a bit bored.  But there is nearly always something to do or someone to hang out with.  

And the house will rarely (never) be too quiet.  Even on rainy days, someone will come up with a new idea to try.

2.  Forget screen time.

Want to get off the screens for a bit and get active?  Well, you’ve got a sports team at the ready.

There’s always someone around who will catch a ball, play some one on one, or even a little monkey in the middle.

Plus, there’s usually an extra kid or two hanging around to add to the teams.

3.  Experience.

By the time you get to the third kid you are finally starting to figure out how to parent.  Why let that go to waste?

Learn from other moms with these 20 Quick and Easy Tips for Raising Large Families

4.  It Keeps Your Diet Honest.

You can only spend so much time hiding in the closet with a candy bar, because there is always someone running through the room.  

Plus they tend to descend on the junk food the instant you bring it home from the store like a flock of locusts.  (Locusts come in flocks, right?  Herds?)

(Let’s be honest here.  Moms of any amount of kids struggle to keep them from eating all the food day it comes home.  Here are some large family tips that may help!)

5.  Cheaper With Each Use.

Spread the use of those items that don’t get used for very long across several kids.  

Think about the number of times you get to reuse the baby bathtub, swing, crib, and then later books, ball equipment, etc. Those kids that follow baby #1 are way cheaper.

And even if you do get rid of things or suddenly, say, have a girl after you’ve saved up 3 boys’ worth of stuff, that’s ok, because…

6.  Camaraderie.  

You know a lot of other moms who will probably give you stuff they are done with.  

After all, you already have older kids and that means more chances to meet moms that are in the trenches with you.

I have a big family, and I love it!

7.  More Chances at Mom Friends.

Let’s say that you don’t really connect with any of the parents on your older child’s baseball team.  (But hey, he’s having fun!)

That’s ok.  Because you’re sure to find people you’ll like better on the next kid’s team.  (Trust me, there are good people out there.)

8.  Watch and Learn.

Younger kids are usually a little easier to raise, because they are watching the older siblings and learning from them.  

Don’t send me hate mail. 

I don’t mean that in the “hey kid number 1, raise this baby for me” way, but more in a child led “Wow, my big brother is so awesome and I want to do everything he does!” kind of way.  

(Warning: this works for bad role modeling as well as good…)

9.  Creativity.

If you let the kids get bored, they will start to get creative.  And soon, one will feed off of what the other is doing.  

Before you know it, they have invented a whole new board game based on Legos and you’re researching how to get them on Shark Tank.

10.  Lifelong Family.

When your children grow and become adults, they will have many people to lean on when they need help or support.  

You aren’t just growing a baby, you’re creating and raising a human being that will (God willing) live and create a whole life of their own.  You have another chance to let your heart run around outside of your body forever.  

It’s risky, and chaotic, and totally awesome.

Big family life is awesome! Sometimes you need a good sense of humor, but having a large family is the best thing you can do.

Yes, I Have a Big Family…and I Wouldn’t Change a Thing!

Life in a big family is a lot of fun.  If you only have babies to collect one boy and one girl, you’re missing out.

Do you have a big family?

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