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Welcome to meal planning Monday!  If you’re one of the happy few people who enjoy meal planning, that’s excellent.

Hopefully my ideas will spark some new ideas for you.

If you don’t enjoy meal planning (put me in this category), try to do it anyway.

Future you will thank present you for putting in the work now rather than making all of those decisions day in and day out.

Life is slowly calming down at our house.  Two of our ball players are done with their season, and the other two don’t have too many games left.

That means I can calm our crock pot and sandwich routine down just a bit.

That’s nice, because it’s easier to use up leftovers when I have the time to both cook and eat a casserole.

And that saves a lot of wiggle room in the grocery budget.

2 Week Meal Plan for early July. Get frugal menu planning ideas for all meals and snacks. Includes recipes! Looking for meal ideas to eat in July? This list of meals will give you a great start.

Ever wonder how a Mama with six kids living on one income can feed everyone?

After years of trial and error, I figured out a method of grocery shopping that allows me to keep a stockpile of food on hand all the time.

Orlando,FL/USA-5/3/20: A display of water bottle aisle at a Whole Foods Market Grocery Store.

The crazy thing is that my tricks keep working in bad economies, through weird diet changes, and even when we went through a pay freeze.

The whole thing is available in videos you can listen to while you wash the dishes, and included a workbook so you can write down everything your family needs.  All for less money than a trip through the drive thru.

Our 2 Week Meal Plan


I had big plans for delicious breakfasts over summer break.  But if I’m being honest, the kids are happiest with cereal or toast.  Oh, well.

  • cereal
  • bagels
  • pancakes
  • toast


(with sides of fresh fruit, cheese or yogurt, and one junk food)


(with sides of potatoes, pasta salad, chips and/or fresh cut veggies or salad)

We will definitely be having these grilled pickles wrapped in bacon this month!

I love grilling in the summertime (especially because my husband usually mans the grill!).

If you’re looking for more great grill recipes that feed a crowd, check out this list of favorites.

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We like to have an afternoon snack each day.  We also have one in the evening either at a ball game or while playing in the backyard.

Our snacks and extras include:

  • fresh fruit
  • graham crackers
  • soft pretzels
  • cookies
  • ice cream
  • popcorn
  • s’mores

Share your favorite must have recipe!