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Does your budget for back to school shopping have to stretch further every year? Here’s how to save big money on all the little things you need for school.

On the last day of school, my daughter came home and tossed her backpack aside.  As she ran off to find a snack, I started sorting through her giant pile of stuff.

A big manila envelope caught my attention.  Inside I found the name of her 2nd grade teacher, a welcome letter…and a school supply list.  

It’s already time to start thinking about next school year!

Does back to school shopping feel like a huge ordeal? 

You usually have to spend an entire day dragging kids from store to store looking for things that don’t even seem to exist.  

A 10 pack of crayons?  

A 2 subject notebook?  Sure, you’d think that would be on the shelf between the one subject and three subject notebooks…instead, it’s hanging out with Bigfoot.

Then there’s backpacks and lunch boxes for everyone.  

And the day would end with either a glass of wine or a couple of Motrin and an early bedtime.

That used to be us, too.  But over time, I discovered the tricks that made the whole process easy.  

Even better?  They saved me a ton of cash!

Want to know those tricks, too?  Then read on!

Save a Ton On Back to School Shopping

Learn how to do back to school shopping on a budget to find school supplies for cheap or even free!

These tried and true tips will maximize your school supplies budget.

1. Start with What You Have

This might seem silly, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost track of which items we already have at home.  

You know how that ends.  You wind up wasting money on brand new copies of things you’ll find in a week or two.

So before you do any back to school shopping, pull out last year’s backpacks.  

What’s in there that’s still in good shape?

If you find binders, pencils, scissors, or other items that have wear left to them, mark them off your list.  

My kids often bring home things at the end of each year that were never even used at all.  No sense in buying new!

Don’t forget to also search through the house for things you bought at last year’s sales.

If you or your spouse is a hoarder saver, they might have things on hand, too.  Look for extra pencils, protractors, rulers, and more in a drawer or closet.

back to school shopping tips

2. Invest in Supplies That Are Worth It

When my oldest was in kindergarten, stores would often run promotions for free backpacks.  It was exciting to find such a great bargain!  I’d grab one with his favorite superhero and call it done.

A few months later, that backpack was ripping apart.  We’d repair it the best we could.  But after a while, he was losing supplies and papers because we just couldn’t keep it closed.

After struggling with several cheap backpacks like this, I finally came to my senses. 

Spending a little more this year to get a bag that will last (in our case) 14 times longer than the cheap bags is sooooo worth it, it isn’t even funny!

Here’s a list of mom approved durable backpacks that I recommend you choose from to get the most bang for your buck!

And invest in a better quality lunch box for the same reason.  

Yes, you’ll pay more upfront.  But you’ll save year after year!

3. Check Blogs for Deals

Now you’re down to a list of things you actually need to buy.  Of course, you want to find the best deal!

Luckily, there are many blogs available that can help you find the best price.  Let them do the work for you!  Some of my favorites to check on this time of year include:

If you have a favorite deals site, be sure to leave it in the comments!

back to school shopping

4. Shop a Little at a Time

Don’t feel like you have to get everything at once.

If you can’t find a sale on some of the supplies on your list this week, skip them (for now).

Shop for a few weeks to find the best deals on everything on your list.

Breaking up your shopping list is also beneficial because you can pay for items in smaller chunks.  That way you don’t overwhelm one paycheck with a big expense.

For instance, shop for school shoes earlier in the summer.  

That’s one less thing to buy when I’m ready to do my back to school shopping.

5. Unusual Ideas

Do you like to go to summer festivals and fairs?  Keep an eye out for free supplies there.

Often you’ll find politicians passing out pencils or pads of paper at parades.  (A little sandpaper will take care of names you don’t want to promote, wink wink.)

Your local library might have pencils or rulers to promote their summer reading program.  

Your county or state fair often has things to use at back to school time.  

Keep your eyes open all summer, and grab supplies whenever they’re available.

Bonus Tip

If your child wants to bring a special gift to their teacher for the first day of school, choose something from this list of inexpensive thank you gift ideas!

That’s the 5 best ways to save money on back to school shopping.

One more tip…when you get that copy of the school supplies list, snap a quick picture on your phone.  Then you’ll have it on hand, and you won’t have to worry when the paper gets lost before June is over!

Like tips that make life as mom easier?  Then you’ll definitely like this:

How do you save on back to school stuff?


Back to school supplies lists get expensive quickly! Pick up those must have supplies without breaking your budget.

How to Stretch Your Money On Back to School Shopping
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How to Stretch Your Money On Back to School Shopping
Does your budget for back to school shopping have to stretch further every year? Here's how to save big money on all the little things you need for school.
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