In Debt? Here Are 7 Extra Things to Skip This Christmas

Being in debt puts a damper on a lot of things.  But the holidays can seem especially hard!

Between feeling obligated to participate in every tradition, event, and gift giving opportunity and the fact that most of your friends seem to take part in every one of those things, it can make the season feel depressing.

Time to reframe that attitude!

The holiday season is the best time to put on your attitude of gratitude!  Christmas should be about so much more than just spending money!

And if you can raise yourself up this time of year, imagine the great things you are setting yourself up for!  A fresh new year with less debt (especially if you have a habit of financing gifts on the old credit card).

And, if you can beat that debt, your future Christmases can be times of less stress.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful??


Cool Gift Ideas That Everyone On Your List Will Love This Year

Looking for cool gift ideas for everyone on your list? This gift guide has ideas for all of them! Affordable options they’re sure to use and love!

Finding just the right gift for the people you love the most can be so hard!  You want something they’ll enjoy, that won’t become clutter within weeks (or days!), and affordability is a must.

That’s why I pulled together this list of cool gift ideas!  Everything here is something I will give to a loved one this year.

Reading through gift guides filled with $100 (sometimes $500!) ideas is always discouraging.  I don’t consider spending $100 on one gift to be affordable…and I bet you don’t either!

No, this list is more realistic.  But it’s also filled with interesting ideas, so they don’t already have 3 versions of the same thing!

Ready to go?  Let’s check out these awesome gift ideas!


Inexpensive Christmas Gifts That Will Help You Save Money

Finding the right inexpensive Christmas gifts that still show how much you care can be tough. But this list of unique ideas makes it easy!

Remember in the Little House on the Prairie books when Laura receives the inexpensive Christmas gifts of an orange and some candy?  One year she even got her very own tin cup to use!

And the year that she received her rag doll was obviously special to her.

Think about that.  Do you think your kids could even tell you what they got for Christmas last year?

The season has morphed from a simple celebration to an over the top holiday.  Even if you don’t long for those Little House on the Prairie style days in your home, you probably like the idea of cutting back a bit.


Funny Christmas Tags: The Free Printable With A Good Laugh!

Funny Christmas Tags: The Free Printable With A Good Laugh!

Inside:  Funny Christmas tags are awesome, because you get to give them the gift of humor…plus whatever you bought. Grab these totally free printables!

Christmas gift tags are one of those things that doesn’t cost that much to grab at a dollar store.  But why not save a buck where you can?  And be honest…when was the last time you stopped at the dollar store and spent only a dollar?

That’s why I love to find free printable Christmas gift tags whenever I can.  This year, I decided to try my hand at making some of my own.  Since my family loves to joke and play, why not use funny Christmas tags?

No decent blogger can create something like this and keep it to themselves.  So I’m sharing with you.  Feel free to choose any of your favorites below to download and print yourself.


How to Keep Your Large Family Christmas Simple (But Fun!)

How to Keep Your Large Family Christmas Simple (But Fun!)

Celebrating a large family Christmas is a blend of chaos, entertainment, and love. But it can get expensive! Here’s how to keep it simple and affordable.

There’s something magical about Christmas morning.  But it’s even more magical when you have a large family to share it with.  There’s always someone to share dreams and excited giggles with, and that just makes the anticipation even better!

Big families are often full of at least a little chaos, so it’s only natural that Christmas would get a little extra crazy when you have a lot of children to shop for.  But it doesn’t have to get out of hand.

This year, we’re adopting a simple idea that won’t cost much, won’t take a lot of time, but will (ideally) change the feel of the way we celebrate the season.  Learn the easy steps you can take to recreate this idea with your own family!


5 Proven Christmas Shopping Tips That’ll Save You The Most

5 Proven Christmas Shopping Tips That’ll Save You The Most

These Christmas shopping tips don’t take much effort, but they can save you a bundle on all your holiday shopping this season!


It was December 23rd.  Hubby and I had spread piles of gifts all across our bed.  We wanted to be sure we had all of our bases covered.  We carefully counted the number of gifts in each pile.  Looks good!  But, wait…what happened here?  This one child seems to be coming up short.

We counted again, hoping we had somehow missed something.  But, no.  It was certain. One child was being shorted compared to the others.