7 Things To Skip This Christmas: No Regrets!

Every time a doctor walked into my room, I would say, “Hi, I’m going home tomorrow!”

Our fourth child had been born very early that morning.  And while we could hardly contain our excitement over having a daughter (!), we also had three young sons at home.

And tomorrow was Christmas Eve.

The biggest day of the year, especially for the 5 and under set!

That crazy year had proven that our boys could do without a lot of the Christmas traditions we had found so important.

But the one thing they couldn’t do without was having mom and dad home to celebrate the big day.

We learned so much from having a simple Christmas that year.

And you wouldn’t believe how much you can love the season when you skip those things you always feel obligated to do.

So let’s talk about how to celebrate a Christmas you won’t regret!


Cool Gift Ideas That Everyone On Your List Will Love This Year

Looking for cool gift ideas for everyone on your list? This gift guide has ideas for all of them! Affordable options they’re sure to use and love!

Finding just the right gift for the people you love the most can be so hard!  You want something they’ll enjoy, that won’t become clutter within weeks (or days!), and affordability is a must.

That’s why I pulled together this list of cool gift ideas!  Everything here is something I will give to a loved one this year.

Reading through gift guides filled with $100 (sometimes $500!) ideas is always discouraging.  I don’t consider spending $100 on one gift to be affordable…and I bet you don’t either!

No, this list is more realistic.  But it’s also filled with interesting ideas, so they don’t already have 3 versions of the same thing!

Ready to go?  Let’s check out these awesome gift ideas!


Funny Christmas Tags: The Free Printable With A Good Laugh!

Funny Christmas Tags: The Free Printable With A Good Laugh!

Inside:  Funny Christmas tags are awesome, because you get to give them the gift of humor…plus whatever you bought. Grab these totally free printables!

Christmas gift tags are one of those things that doesn’t cost that much to grab at a dollar store.  But why not save a buck where you can?  And be honest…when was the last time you stopped at the dollar store and spent only a dollar?

That’s why I love to find free printable Christmas gift tags whenever I can.  This year, I decided to try my hand at making some of my own.  Since my family loves to joke and play, why not use funny Christmas tags?

No decent blogger can create something like this and keep it to themselves.  So I’m sharing with you.  Feel free to choose any of your favorites below to download and print yourself.


How to Keep Your Large Family Christmas Simple (But Fun!)

How to Keep Your Large Family Christmas Simple (But Fun!)

Celebrating a large family Christmas is a blend of chaos, entertainment, and love. But it can get expensive! Here’s how to keep it simple and affordable.

There’s something magical about Christmas morning.  But it’s even more magical when you have a large family to share it with. 

There’s always someone to share dreams and excited giggles with, and that just makes the anticipation even better!

Big families are full of at least a little chaos, so it’s only natural that Christmas would get extra crazy when you have a lot of children to shop for.  But it doesn’t have to get out of hand.

This year, we’re adopting a simple idea that won’t cost much, won’t take a lot of time, but will (ideally) change the feel of the way we celebrate the season. 

Learn the easy steps you can take to recreate this idea with your own family!


5 Proven Christmas Shopping Tips That’ll Save You The Most Cash

5 Proven Christmas Shopping Tips That’ll Save You The Most Cash

These Christmas shopping tips don’t take much effort, but they can save you a bundle on all your holiday shopping this season!

With a little nervous excitement, I checked my purse one more time.

It was early on Black Friday morning.  The only day of the year I happily get up before the sun.

Part of it is my love for a good bargain.

I can’t help but love that I get to spend the day with my Mom.  (Girl time!)

But there’s also some pride to the fact that a lot of my spending today will be done using tricks I’ve carefully worked on all year long.

Sure, I’ll dig into the savings I held back for buying gifts.

But there’s so much more to it than that!

In fact, over the years I’ve created a whole bag of tricks when it comes to saving and spending on Christmas gifts.


10 Gift Exchange Themes That Will Make Giving More Fun

10 Gift Exchange Themes That Will Make Giving More Fun

Everyone wants to spend less on Christmas giving. Convince family, friends, and coworkers to have more fun while giving using these gift exchange themes!

The giving season is upon us again, and that can mean a lot of spending.  Gifts for family, friends, coworkers, teachers, and more are probably on your list.

Like most of us, you want to simplify your gift budget this Christmas.  And if you can get a whole group of people on board with the idea…all the better! 

Most people are relieved to have fewer things to buy, so it should be easy to get everyone at work or at the family gathering to buy into the idea.

If you really want to sell them on the idea, have a fun gift exchange theme in mind.  Themes make the party more fun than ever! 

It doesn’t have to be the same old ideas. 

Let’s look at some different gift exchange themes so you can find the right one for your gift swap group.