7 Merry Ways to Fill Your Christmas Savings Account

7 Merry Ways to Fill Your Christmas Savings Account

If you struggle each year to find gift money, don’t wait for Christmas to sneak up on you again. Try these 7 ways to fill your Christmas savings account.

Christmas money?  Now?  Why should I worry about Christmas money in the middle of summer or early fall?  I have bigger fish to fry.

Well, you should worry about it.  Because it’s coming, friends.

Many of us treat Christmas purchases like unexpected expenses.  December comes along, and we find ourselves putting gifts on a credit card.  After all, we want to get gifts for loved ones and we can’t find another way to do it.  We’ll just pay the bills later.

It’s a habit that never ends well.  Honestly, I’ve even done it myself a time or two.  (That’s just another reason why we had to learn how to get out of debt.)

But there’s another way.


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