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It’s 4:00 in the afternoon and your kids have been home from school all day.  The toys are cast aside.  Everyone is tired of Netflix.  They’ve switched to their favorite game called “bounce my sibling off of the wall”.  You are desperately Googling for fun activities, because if you Google the words running through your mind you are afraid you’ll wind up on a list somewhere.

While I’d love to offer you another cup of coffee and some chocolate pie, the internet has its limitations.  What I can give you is a treasure trove of ideas to do when you are stuck inside.

Fun Things to Do Inside

Fun Things to Do Inside for Kids Full of Energy. Looking for fun things to do with kids at home? This list of ideas will make you happy to be stuck inside!

This round up of fun indoor activities for kids is pretty inclusive.  I think you’ll find something here that works for your family!  Let’s give it a try.


Here’s an idea that you might not have tried before!  Stay At Home Yogi has a great post about introducing your child to yoga.  I love that your child can get active without getting themselves so wound up that you can’t contain their excitement anymore.



Love My Messy Messy Mess has a great simple recipe that kids of nearly any age could make.  This might be a fun way to engage the kids for a bit.  And if you have leftover Christmas candy you bought on clearance, put it to use!

Fun Things to Do Inside for Kids Full of Energy


Your kids will love making GAK!  Get directions from Daily Momtivity for letting the kids make a controlled mess.

Fun Things to Do Inside for Kids Full of Energy

STEM Experiments

Science Sparks has a whole list of experiments you can do on eggs.  (And lots of other great science experiments you can try, too!)

Indoor activities for kids stuck inside



Got a Lego lover at home?  Time to give them a challenge!  Print these free Lego challenge cards from The STEM Laboratory and send them on their way.

fun indoor activities for kids

Indoor Games

Happiness is Homemade is sharing a whole list of Minute to Win It games.  These are perfect, because they are designed to be done indoors using products you have on hand.

Fun Things to Do Inside for Kids Full of Energy

If you constantly find darts behind furniture, in cabinets, and (sometimes) in your coffee cup, you probably have Nerf guns in your home.  Challenge your Nerf lovers to some target practice using these tips from A Mom with A Lesson Plan.

Fun Things to Do Inside for Kids Full of Energy

Some more simple ideas

Try these family favorites on stuck inside days:

  • building blanket forts
  • baking cookies or treats and then having a picnic or tea party
  • board or card games
  • clean (Turn it into fun by using a scavenger hunt or contest to see who can pick up the most.  It also works great for curing “I’m boooooored.”)
  • try a random acts of kindness scavenger hunt

Daring Random Acts of Kindness for Kids (Free Printable!)

Want more ideas?

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With so many fun things to do inside, you won’t even mind the weather anymore!

Your walls will thank you for keeping the kids busy.

What’s your favorite fun thing to do inside?

Fun Things to Do Inside for Kids Full of Energy
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Fun Things to Do Inside for Kids Full of Energy
When the weather is frightful, kids get antsy over being stuck inside. You need a list of fun things to do inside. And I've got just the list for you!
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