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I am not a crafty or creative person.  Most of the time when I try to tackle a project, it does not look the way the instructions promised me.  I’m starting to suspect that the problem isn’t that the directions for every project on Earth are wrong…

simpsons gif

Why doesn’t mine look like that?!?

Here are my confessions:

  • My parents are able to create such amazing things.  My Dad can craft anything out of wood.  My Mom can paint, sew, decorate, and DIY with the best of them.  They did spread around these genes, but somehow all of them went to my 4 siblings and missed me.
  • Details are my downfall.  When I hear someone say “The Devil is in the details”, I always think to myself “Sounds like I had better stay away from details, then!”
  • On the other hand, acts of service is my main love language.  There’s nothing more satisfying than to see a job completed.  That’s not a satisfaction you can ever get from washing dishes or laundry.  So to satisfy that desire, I have to find things that can be improved upon and have a definite end point.

Our home was built in the 1950s, and there are always projects that need to be done.  Right now we are not in a place to tackle any major projects, but smaller things are doable.  So as part of my weekly goals, I am making sure to set goals to get a project or two done each week.

In the past, I have avoided doing these projects because I know they won’t turn out perfectly.  Others could do much better things with these items than I can!  On the other hand, even with my imperfect ways, the projects I manage to get finished are a big improvement over letting items flounder and go to waste.

My current project: the front porch bench.

Confessions of a Non-DIYer

I’m still in the middle of this project, but even when I’m finished, this bench isn’t going to hold up to scrutiny.  There will be mistakes in my painting, especially in the devilly little details.  But it will give my porch some pop (something it desperately needs!).  And when I look at it, I will see a project that I completed.  A small way that I improved our little home.

That’s good enough for me!  And each small improvement gives me the boost I need to get up and make another improvement to our home.  Progress, not perfection.  (Thanks, Flylady!)

How are you letting perfection stop you from doing what you need or want to accomplish?