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Money Problems? Get the Insider Scoop on Paying Off Debt

Years.  We’ve been struggling with debt for years.  I knew our money problems couldn’t go on that way forever, but the thought of paying off debt was just overwhelming.  So it got pushed to the back burner over and over again.

But this year, something clicked.  Several somethings, actually.  We’ve finally made a big dent in the side of our credit card debt.

So, yes, you could call me an insider when it comes to paying off debt.  We’re living it every day.  And I’m not holding anything back.  I want my readers to benefit from our trials and errors so you can find success.

I’m creating this page as a “go to” resource for all things paying off debt.  I’ll keep it up to date with my best tips for helping you find debt freedom.  So bookmark it, pin it, and check back often!

Money Problems? Get the Insider Scoop on Paying Off Debt. This blogger is laying it all out while her family digs their way out of debt. They've made big strides in debt payoff in 2016, and next year looks even more promising! Get advice from someone who is in the trenches with you.

Why Should I Get Out of Debt?

Our SMART Goals for an Awesome 2016  Learn how we prioritized our goals for the year and made debt a top priority.  (Update on our goals here.)

How to Tell If You’re Headed for a Debt Crisis

How to Make Your Spouse Care About Getting Out of Debt

How a Hashtag is Helping This Family Pay Off Credit Card Debt

How #Yearofno Was Born  Our hashtag motto has been a huge part of our success!

Learn how #yearofno was born, and why it's helping us pay off debt! This family has used a motto all year to help them dig out of debt. And it's working!


How to Get Out of Debt

Identify & Destroy Your Budget Busters  This is a 3 day course that will help you determine what your own budget busters are and how to deal with them in daily life.

4 Reasons Unexpected Expenses Are the Key to Being Debt Free

4 Reasons Unexpected Expenses are the Key to Being Debt Free. Wondering why you can't get out of an endless cycle of debt? You're probably being sidetracked by unexpected expenses. Here's why it's happening and what you can do to stop it.

3 Powerful Rules for Getting Free from Debt

How a Family with Children is Getting Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt By Breaking Up Your Paycheck  One of my most popular posts, this details how we break up our paycheck (and use laziness to our advantage!).  You’ll also find info on budgeting here.

How to Get Out of Debt Break Up Your Paycheck

Motivation to Keep Going

14 Ways to Stay Motivated When Paying Off Debt  A list of ways to “just keep swimming” when you get tired of the struggle.

How to get out of debt: 14 ways to stay motivated

7 Habits of People Winning the Fight Against Debt  If you can instill these habits in your daily life, success will be yours!

How We Stay Motivated to Pay Off Debt  More ways we keep going when the going gets tough.  (And it does, often.)


Helpful Tips Along the Way

Why Popular Debt Advice to Sell Things Doesn’t Always Cut Itwhy-popular-debt-advice-to-sell-your-stuff-doesnt-always-cut-it-2

Greed and Leaving the Bonds of Debt  Some interesting things I learned about being greedy in ways you wouldn’t expect.

The Best Personal Finance Books to Get Out of Debt

Best Personal Finance Books to Get Out of Debt

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week Series  By far the most popular series on the blog.  A weekly list of ways we’ve saved money in our family week after week.  290 ways and counting!

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week

Goals and Preparing for the Future

How to Be a Stay at Home MomHow to be a stay at home mom


7 Ways to Pile Up Christmas Money  Truthfully, this series is great for saving up money towards any goal, so check it out any time of year.

No Money for Christmas? 7 Ways to Pile Up Christmas Money

Put these resources to work, and get started paying off debt today.

I’ve been so touched by the encouragement I’ve received from readers in our journey to debt freedom.  Let me be a cheerleader for you, too!  Get the weekly newsletter and become part of our group.

Now’s the time to start your plan to get out of debt.  You CAN do this!