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Putting together a meal plan for September is always fun, because so many foods are in season this time of year!  

That means tons of sales at the grocery store.  

And you’re probably looking forward to comfort foods (and using your crock pot more!).

Menu Plan

I usually try to get to the apple orchard in September for some bushels of apples.  

Then I turn that into apple pie jam (yum!).  My hubby and my brothers will want to get started making their apple cider soon.  They make that out of the apples that aren’t good enough for eating.

Around our house, we meal plan for 2 weeks at a time.  I’ve done it monthly and weekly before, but since we are paid bi-weekly, it just seems to line up better to go every other week.

Here’s Our 2 Week Meal Plan for September!

Get this free 2 week meal plan for September! You'll love that it includes all 3 meals and snacks for the whole 2 weeks...with frugal food choices on sale in September.


4 tips for packing lunches and free printable


The kids will find a “main thing” (listed here) and also pack either yogurt or cheese, a fruit, and usually one treat of some sort.

Here’s how we get our kids to pack their own lunches.  (And more lunch ideas!)

  • sandwiches (PB&J, lunchmeat, nutella and graham crackers)
  • hard boiled eggs
  • salads
  • leftovers
  • cold pizza
  • peanut butter or cheese and crackers
  • pumpkin muffins

2 Week Meal Plan for September


  • grilled pork chops
  • smoked pork chops (Hubby loves the smoker he got for Christmas!)
  • chicken black bean salsa crock pot meal
  • pork roast
  • hamburgers and hot dogs
  • pizza x 2
  • ham & beans
  • salmon
  • grilled chicken x 2
  • tacos
  • taco soup
  • bean burritos
  • Sides will include grilled corn on the cob, potatoes, rice, fresh veggies and salads

Treats and Desserts

  • ice cream
  • apple pie
  • cookies
  • fresh fruit
  • rice cakes
  • graham crackers
  • s’mores

Want more meal planning resources?  Check out these freebies!

Be sure to share your meal plan in the comments so we can…”borrow” your ideas, too!