How To Get Kids To Do Chores (Tips That Work From A Mom Of 6)

Learn how to get kids to do chores, and let’s make that chore chart more than just another wasted piece of paper! Kids can truly help around the house with these tips.

As you walk through the kitchen to do the dishes, you notice the chore chart stuck to the refrigerator.  

It’s giving you the stink eye again.

Because here you are, once more, doing a job you should probably have given to one of the kids instead.

You’re just glad your mom can’t see you right now.  She’d be going on and on about how “the kids made the mess, and they can clean it up.”

“Kids have plenty of time to play on their phones, but no time for chores.”

Great points, sure, but they don’t help you to get the kids to actually follow through on the work…do they?

You don’t need ideas for yet another chore chart.

(Or maybe you do?  Here’s our responsibility chart for kids.)

What you need is the follow through.

The part where the kids actually do the work.

They don’t have to do it while they sing a song in three part harmony.  (Even though those old cartoons made chore time look so much more fun in chorus.)

Nah.  You just want it done.

Instead of preaching to you about why kids should be helping, let this mom of 6 show you how to get kids to do chores.


Create a Beautiful Christmas Mantel Under $20 This Year

Create a Beautiful Christmas Mantel Under $20 This Year

Looking for $20 Christmas mantel ideas? Here’s how to use what you have (with a few fun freebies!) to create a fun look.

I’ve always felt pressured to make my mantel look extra special at the holidays.

There are two problems with that.

One: I’m not a DIY kinda gal.  Being crafty just isn’t in my skill set.

And two: I hate to spend money!  It seems like you have to spend a fortune to create most of the beautiful looks you find on Pinterest.

None of that has changed.  But I still decided to set out to create a beautiful Christmas mantel for our home.

And I pulled it off for less than $20!


How to Raise Money This Year With Lessons In Kindness

Does your group or school need to raise money? Here’s the best way to get the funds you need without begging friends and family for money (again).
This post has been sponsored by Funds2Orgs.  All opinions are my own.
If you have school aged kids, you know all about fundraisers.

It seems like every time they come home from school, they’re bringing another flyer asking you to buy more things you’ll never use.

And (of course) there was an assembly that whipped the kids into a frenzy over the thought of winning their own Xbox system.  

Not only do you resent the fact that you have to break your child’s heart again this year (because there is no way you could sell enough to win that Xbox!)…

But you also have to wonder what they’re learning from all of this.

Look, you understand that the school needs to raise money.  And you appreciate that they are trying to be creative instead of hiking up your fees.

But should raising money be done in a way that almost encourages greed?

Isn’t there a better way?

Well I can tell you that there absolutely is.  Not only does this fundraiser turn the tables and teach children about kindness and giving to others…

…but they also don’t ask you for any money.

Sound too good to be true?  Don’t worry, this is a legitimate fundraiser that many schools and groups have used with great success.

Here’s how it works.


What to Do When You Can’t Afford a Family Vacation

Wondering what to do when you can’t afford a family vacation? These ideas are affordable, but a ton of fun for the whole family!

While stuck in line at the grocery store, you decide to do a quick Facebook scroll.

There’s a cute baby picture or two.  Some people debating the latest news story.

But the next line?

Another beach photo.

It feels like all of your friends and family are taking fun trips.  But you know it’s so far out of the budget this year, there’s no way you can afford it.

You wonder if your family will regret not getting away together.  What will the kids tell the teacher when she asks what they did over the break?

Well, families can spend great quality time together without going away on an expensive trip.

You can even make fantastic memories that no one else can compare to!

Let’s talk about some fun (but affordable) things to do when you can’t afford a family vacation.


Hacks To Do Laundry Faster So It Can Be Over With Already

Ugh…laundry! Luckily, using these laundry hacks makes the job simple… so you can get on to more fun things. (Anything else.)

Remember that one time when you found the bottom of your laundry hamper??

It was an amazing hour, wasn’t it?

(I mean, ewww.  Now you know that you should probably clean the hamper, too.  But hey…empty hamper!!)

You probably even convinced yourself that from now on, things would be different.

Never again will you let that laundry get the best of you.

No, sir!


The Best Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Don’t Worry, She’ll LOVE It!)

Finding the best cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas isn’t as hard as it seems. She is sure to love these gift ideas (and so will your wallet!).

Of course you love your Mama.  And who doesn’t want to show her how special she is?  

Really, you want her to know how much you love her all year long.  But even more so on Mother’s Day.

Hardly anyone can afford to give their mother the kind of gift she really deserves.  After all the work she’s done for you (she’s your number one fan, after all!), you’d love to give her a trip to an island filled with pampering for, like, a year.

Sadly, your wallet doesn’t agree with you. 

But don’t worry!

You can still get her something special.  In fact, I’ve got a whole list of the best cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas around.  She’s going to love these ideas!